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As the next-to-skin layer, a base layer moves perspiration away from your body, also known as "moisture wicking". You need to keep your skin dry in cold conditions to avoid becoming chilled, or even hypothermic.  In warmer weather, they keep you dry for comfort. Base layers should be snug, so stretch fabrics are important.

Base Layer

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MITI Dri-Tech Stretch
$25.00 Per Yard
Apple Green
Marine Blue
Polartec ® Delta Midweight Jersey/Cool Mesh
$27.50 Per Yard
Polartec ® Delta Pique
$27.50 Per Yard
Coyote Brown
Dusty Blue
Polartec ® Power Dry Lightweight
$20.00 Per Yard
Beige Powerdry
Gold Powerdry
Light Blue Powerdry
Medium Blue Powerdry
Dark Green Powerdry
Dark Brown Powerdry
Polartec ® Power Dry Midweight
$20.00 Per Yard
Cream Powergrid
Grey Powergrid
Polartec ® Power Grid High Warmth
$25.00 Per Yard
Light Blue 9069 Powergrid
Peacock Blue Powergrid
Polartec ® Power Grid Light Warmth
$25.00 Per Yard
Black 9077 2 way stretch
Watermelon Powergrid
Apple Powergrid
Rust Powergrid
Sage Powergrid
Indian Ocean Powergrid
Mineral Water Powergrid
Medium Blue Powergrid
Polartec ® Power Grid Mid Warmth
$25.00 Per Yard
Charcoal Powergrid
Polartec ® Power Grid Silkweight
$25.00 Per Yard
Cream Powerwool
Shark Powerwool
Deep Cobalt Powerwool
Polartec ® Power Wool Lightweight
$28.00 Per Yard
Powder Blue
Polar White
Polartec ® Power Wool Silkweight
$19.00 Per Yard
Red Quick Wick
Black Quick Wick
Purple Quick Wick
Quick Wick Moisture Wicking Next to Skin Fabric SALE
$10.00 Per Yard $22.00
$15.00 Per Yard