Our fabric inventory is always changing. Discover what's new in store.  New colours in many of the styles listed below as well as a brand new style of Polartec® Thermal Pro and a new performance jersey, Carbon Mesh Technical Jersey!

New Styles and Colors

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Navy 66005
Coyote 66006
Navy 66006
Black 66860
Green 66860
Grey 66860
Hi-Vis Orange 66860
Peacoat 66860
Acid Green 6676
Brick 6680
Grey 6680
Navy 6680
Royal Blue 6680
Larkspur 6628
Petrol 6628
Port Wine 6628
Radish 6628
Rust Red 6628
Black 6723
Dark Sapphire 6723
Orange 6727
Atmosphere 6732
Crevasse 6732
Shark 6732
Bright Yellow 6753
Eclipse Navy 6753
Iron 6753
Petrol Teal 6753
Red Sand 6753
Crevasse 6767
Dark Tannin 6756
Vendor Black 6756
Zinc 6756
Red 6681
Polartec ® NeoShell with Stretch / Ease
$45.00 Per Yard
Black Charcoal Back
Digital Camo
Cream 66002
Graphite 66001
Electric Blue 66002
Flag Storm 66002
Ocean Depths 66002
Lightning 66002
Plum Perfect 66004
Charcoal 66004
Pirate Black 66004
Black 6762
Polartec ® NeoShell No Stretch
From $25.00 Per Yard $45.00
Carbon Mesh White
Carbon Mesh Technical Jersey
$22.00 Per Yard
Petrol Night Heather
Utility Black Heather
Polartec ® Thermal Pro Technical Sweatshirt
$25.00 Per Yard
Stellar Blue Windpro
Black Windpro
Olive Green Windpro
Red Windpro
Pomegranate Windpro
Chocolate Windpro
Hot Pink Windpro
Fuchsia Windpro
Orange Windpro
Polartec ® Windpro Stretch
From $20.00 Per Yard
Cream Powergrid
Grey Powergrid
Indian Teal Powergrid
Fiery Red 60026OR Powergrid
Nebulas Blue Powergrid
Eggplant Powergrid
Blue Green Heather Powergrid
Zanskar Blue Heather Powergrid
Lime Punch Powergrid
Fiery Red 6163OR Powergrid
Vivacious Rose Powergrid
Titanium Powergrid
Mix Charcoal Powergrid
Wind Chime Powergrid
Polartec ® Power Grid High Warmth
$25.00 Per Yard
Watermelon Powergrid
Apple Powergrid
Rust Powergrid
Sage Powergrid
Indian Ocean Powergrid
Mineral Water Powergrid
Medium Blue Powergrid
Black 9077
Black 60069OR
Polartec ® Power Grid Mid Warmth
$25.00 Per Yard
Black Yoga Rib
Heather Charcoal
Heather Chromium
Heather Slate
Fig Yoga Rib
Rust Berry
Midnight Blue Yoga Rib
Surge Blue Yoga Rib
Night Jade
Pacific Blue
Violet Shadow
Gothic Navy
Yoga Rib 2X2
$18.00 Per Yard
Bright Blue Stretch Woven
Stretch Woven Lightweight
$14.00 Per Yard
Cream Powershield
Burnt Orange Powershield
Marpat Digital Camo Powershield
Mossy Lime Powershield
Eggplant Powershield
Ice Blue Powershield
Silver Sheen Powershield
Navy Powershield
Lemon Yellow Powershield
Wine Tasting
Jade Sheen Powershield
Polartec ® Power Shield Lightweight
From $25.00 Per Yard $35.00
Plum Stretch Woven
Turquoise Stretch Woven
Red Stretch Woven
Radicale Stone Stretch Woven
Dusty Rose Stretch Woven
Cement Stretch Woven
Light Blue Stretch Woven
Forest Stretch Woven
Navy Stretch Woven
Team Orange Stretch Woven
Dusty Navy Stretch Woven
Stretch Woven
$25.00 Per Yard
Coyote Brown
Dusty Blue
Forged Iron Lightweight Power Dry
Light Pink
Sea Foam
Orange Power Dry
Polartec ® Power Dry Lightweight
$20.00 Per Yard