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We specialize in technical softshells, such as Polartec® Power Shield®, NeoShell® and Windbloc® as well as soft shells, hard shells, and other highly technical fabrics that came from brands like Patagonia®Arcteryx®, Nike®, and North Face®.  These fabrics are highly water repellent and have a breathable, windproof barrier.  They all make wonderful, lightweight, functional outerwear including jackets, vests and pants. A few are experimental samples, so yardage is limited.  Browse through each category and decide what the best choice is for your special project. Whether you're looking for a lightweight soft shell, or an outer fabric to use with the fabulous Polartec® Alpha®, you're on the right page.

Technical Performance Shells and Softshell Fabrics

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Aerospace Tek
$13.75 Per Yard $20.00
Fab Shell Ultra Light
$18.00 Per Yard
Red Gore Tex
purple gore tex
GORE-TEX Softshell Midweight
$30.00 Per Yard
Hyvent Gold
HyVent DT
$20.00 Per Yard
Pacific Tech Purple
Pacific Tech Canadian Green
Pacific Tech Charcoal
Pacific Tech Grey
Pacific Tech Taupe Brown
Pacific Tech Black/Grey with Blue Back
Pacific Tech Red
Pacific Tech Royal Purple
Pacific Tech White
Pacific Tech Softshell Mid Warmth
$30.00 Per Yard
Digital Camo
Cream 66002
Graphite 66001
Electric Blue 66002
Flag Storm 66002
Ocean Depths 66002
Lightning 66002
Plum Perfect 66004
Charcoal 66004
Pirate Black 66004
Black 6762
Polartec NeoShell No Stretch
$45.00 Per Yard
Navy 66005
Navy 66006
Black 66860
Green 66860
Grey 66860
Hi-Vis Orange 66860
Spicy Orange 66860
Peacoat 66860
Acid Green 6676
Terracotta 6676
Brick 6680
Grey 6680
Navy 6680
Royal Blue 6680
Black 6627
Curry 6627
Dark Royal 6627
Olive 6627
Strawberry 6627
Tomato Black Back 6627
Wolf Grey 6627
Larkspur 6628
Petrol 6628
Port Wine 6628
Radish 6628
Rust Red 6628
Black 6723
Dark Sapphire 6723
Fire Engine Red 6723
Orange 6727
Slate 6727
Atmosphere 6732
Crevasse 6732
Falcon Grey 6732
Shark 6732
Eclipse Navy 6753
Clear Blue 6753
Iron 6753
Petrol Teal 6753
Deep Teal 6753
Red Sand 6753
Black 6753
Dark Tannin 6756
Vendor Black 6756
Zinc 6756
Crevasse 6767
Merlot 6770
Sky Captain Navy 6770
Black 6778
Polartec NeoShell with Stretch / Ease
$45.00 Per Yard
Periwinkle Blue Grid Back
Polartec Power Shield O2 Midweight
$35.00 Per Yard
Light Grey/ Black Grid Back
Bright Blue Grid Back
Polartec Power Shield Pro Lightweight
$35.00 Per Yard
Maroon/Black Back
Bright Aqua
Bright Yellow
Rossi Pink/Silver Back
Glass Blue/Aqua Back
Polartec Power Shield Pro Midweight
$35.00 Per Yard
Chevron Reflective
Reflective Athletic Stretch
$25.00 Per Yard
Reflective Trims and FOE
From $3.50 Grab Bag or Increment