Black Polartec Power Air Insulating Fabric
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
sedona greenish grey polartec power air fabric
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air
Polartec Power Air

Polartec Power Air

Product description

Black Polartec PowerAir is Polartec's latest mid-warmth fabric innovation; an insulating fabric that has been engineered to reduce fibre shedding by encapsulating the insulating lofted fibres within the knitting process. While the motivation to create this fabric was a more environmentally sound material, the result is a unique fabric with great design appeal.  The face of the fabric is smooth, making it ideal for layering, while the back side features the insulating pockets that can hold your heat and breath at the same time.  

Some of the colours are noted as Seconds.  So far we haven't noticed major flaws but we have marked the fabrics down nonetheless.

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Color: 1710 Black

1710 Black Seconds

Attribute: 10.5 oz Midwarmth
Size: Yard
$35.00 Per Yard

Frequently Bought Together


Black Seconds, Blue Wing Teal Seconds, Bronze Seconds, Curry Seconds, Heather Charcoal, Malbec, Neon Pink Seconds, and Sedona Sage (midwarmth): 92% Polyester  8% Spandex, 92% (blue wing teal, malbec and neon pink and sedona sage 92% recycled, charcoal 63% recycled)

Certifications:  bluesign®, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Cream (lightwarmth): 73% Polyester  27% Elastomultiester (73% recycled)

Certifications:  bluesign®  Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Style 4512 (Black Seconds)  100% Polyester (100% recycled)

Specs and Features

Black Seconds, Black, Blue Wing Teal, Bronze Seconds, Curry Seconds, Malbec, Neon Pink Seconds and Heather Charcoal: 60" wide, 10.5 oz/sqyd | 356 gsm, 4-way stretch:  30% side-to-side   20% lengthwise

**NOTE:  Black Seconds has one "fringy" selvedge.  We have not found any obvious flaws on the other colourways marked as seconds.

Sedona Sage:  61" wide, 10.5 oz/sqyd | 356 gsm, 4-way stretch: 50% side-to-side  35% lengthwise

Cream: 66 inches wide, 7.9 oz/sqyd | 268 gsm, 4-way stretch: 30% side-to-side  20% lengthwise

Style 4512 (Black Seconds) 70" wide, 5.6 oz/sqyd | 190 gsm, 4-way stretch:  25% side-to-side  20% lengthwise.  Different than other styles of Power Air.  This style is a knit with an I-Beam structure to improve stability, increase warmth, and reduce weight.  We find that it is prone to catching and picking but it does make wonderfully warm sweaters! There are occasional tonal stipes as well.  We think it could best be used to line a shell style jacket where this issues won't make a large difference.


Encapsulates Air

Efficient Warmth

Dual-Surface Construction

Sheds up to 5x Less Microfibers

Highly Durable

Resists Pilling

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, normal cycle, use mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softeners, tumble dry low.  Do not dry clean.  Do not iron.

What to Make

Any garment made with standard fleece: jackets, vests, sweaters.

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    Pantone Colours

    Using a Pantone Colour Match card, we get the following matches for our Power Air. PLEASE NOTE: All monitors display colours differently and we do not guarantee that the pantone colour codes given are an exact match for the fabric. Using the Pantone Colour Match Card is a new feature for us and therefore not every fabric has been colour matched.

    Sedona Sage = Pantone 18-5105

    Cream = Could not get a good match using the Pantone Colour Match card.  It's a lovely off white/cream.

    Malbec = Pantone 19-1529 TCX

    Blue Wing Teal = Pantone 19-4126

    Bronze Seconds = Pantone 1-0622 TCX (more olive brown than bronze)

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