antique yellow gold wool stretch woven fabric
medium pink twill style wool stretch woven fabric
pale pink wool stretch woven fabric
golden brown wool stretch woven fabric
huckleberry purple twill style wool stretch woven fabric
huckleberry purple wool stretch woven fabric
medium blue green wool stretch woven fabric
mint green twill style wool stretch woven fabric
navy wool stretch woven fabric
bright lavender wool stretch woven fabric
peacock blue wool stretch woven fabric
plum purple wool stretch woven fabric
red wool stretch woven fabric
medium pink wool stretch woven fabric
turquoise twill style wool stretch woven fabric
ultra violet purple wool stretch woven fabric
Wool Stretch Woven
Wool Stretch Woven

Wool Stretch Woven

Product description

This is a wool-lover's dream!  Schoeller's wool stretch woven is a substantial fabric made from a blend of wool, nylon and elastane.  It's similar to a softshell, but with the addition of wool for warmth on the back and a nylon face for durability.  A little bit of elastane gives it some stretch for comfort.  It has excellent wind repellency.Within the colourways below, there are two styles: twill and regular.  Colourways with a twill face have 'twill' encorporated into their name (Bright Flamingo Twill, Huckleberry Twill, Mint Julep Twill and Turquoise Twill).  Huckleberry is also available in the regular face.  Some colourways have a bigger contrast between the face colour and back colour, as noted in the images.  Some colourways have dirty selvedge edges from warehousing.  Peacock and Turquoise Twill colourways are very close in colour.  Turquoise Twill is just a shade or so lighter.  Check out the tabs below for specs and features, care instructions and what to make! 

Color: Antique Gold Wool Stretch Woven
Size: Yard
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$32.00 Per Yard
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70% Nylon  25% Wool  5% Elastane

Specs and Features

Fabric width varies:

51" wide (golden brown, lake blue and navy)

52" wide (cameo pink)

54" wide (antique gold, huckleberry, jade, orchid, red, tea rose, ultra violet)

55" wide (min julep twill, peacock)

56" wide (plum, true navy)

58" wide (turquoise twill)

59" wide (bright flamingo twill, huckleberry twill)

15.1 oz/sq yd | 514 gsm

4-way stretch:  20% side-to-side   25% lengthwise

4-way stretch:  10% side-to-side  30% lengthwise (twill colours only)

Wind Repellent

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use bleach, hang to dry.  NOTE:  In our wash tests in warm water and tumble drying on low, the fabric did shrink a couple of inches in length and minimally in width.

What to Make

Coats, jackets, vests, 'shackets' (oversized shirt worn as a jacket), and warm pants

woo whool

Pantone Colours

Using a Pantone Colour Match card, we get the following matches for our Schoeller Wool Stretch Woven. PLEASE NOTE: All monitors display colours differently and we do not guarantee that the pantone colour codes given are an exact match for the fabric. Using the Pantone Colour Match Card is a new feature for us and therefore not every fabric has been colour matched.

Antique Gold = Pantone 16-0748 TCX

Bright Flamingo = Pantone 16-1731 TCX (a little more vibrant than this)

Cameo Pink = Pantone 13-2804 TCX

Golden Brown = 18-1024 TCX

Huckleberry and Huckleberry Twill = Pantone 19-3842 TCX

Lake Blue = Pantone 18-4231 TCX

Mint Julep Twill = Pantone 15-5416 TCX

Navy = Pantone 19-3812 TCX (it's navy with dark purple tones)

Orchid = Pantone 17-3834 TCX

Peacock = Pantone 17-4247 TCX

Plum = Pantone 19-3750 TCX

Red = Pantone 19-1762 TCX

Tea Rose = Pantone 17-2120 TCX

Turquoise Twill = Pantone 17-4433 TCX

Ultra Violet = Pantone 18-3963 TCX

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