Silicone Grip Athletic

Silicone Grip Athletic
Silicone Grip Athletic

Silicone Grip Athletic

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Fabric for Riding Pants or Breeches

What is the best fabric for riding breeches or riding tights?

Riding tights need to be snug fitting, and comfortable. You should be able to move freely without discomfort, but they should not feel loose or baggy.  We recommend buttery soft Breathe Tek Athletic, or cottony feeling, durable Yoga Stretch. In very cold weather, Polartec Power Stretch with a fleecy back adds warmth.  You can also choose Windpro Stretch for wind and water repellency...and as a bonus Hay and Hair does not stick to it! These fabric all have excellent stretch and recovery, which means they won't lose their shape.  In addition to a good athletic fabric, many riders prefer something with sufficient grip on the inner thighs and buttocks, This is why we made Silicone Grip Athletic fabric. 

Silicone Grip Athletic Fabric

Silicone Grip Athletic is the 4-way stretch athletic base fabric of your dreams combined with grippy silicone in two patterns: Mini Dots or Petals! This is an ideal fabric for adding areas of grip to your garments such as riding breeches, the palm side of gloves or mitts or even the soles of baby sleepers. The silicone is applied to the face of high quality athletic base and does not inhibit the 4-way stretch. For more rugged applications other than leggings where stretch is not required, we recommend Tough Tek

Sold by the half yard OR full yard.

The fabric is typically used for select parts of a garment, such as inner legs or buttocks. 

If you are seeking less grip you may prefer a stretch faux suede.

58-60" wide
8.85 oz/sqyd | 300 gsm
4-way stretch: 40% side-to-side 50% lengthwise

70% Nylon 30% Spandex

Machine wash warm water. Hang to dry for best results.

Use wherever you need a little grip and your garment requires the grip has stretch such as on riding breeches, gloves, the soles of kids sleepers.

Fabric is black

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