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Sale Page Clearance Fabrics
Clearance Fabrics 
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Note:  Clearance discounts apply to selected colors only.


Clearance Sale

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4004 Coyote 90
4004 Hawaiian Surf 90
4004 Inferno 90 seconds
4004 Olive Grey 90
4008 Pumpkin 120 Alpha Direct
4024 Black 190 Alpha Direct
4024 Blue Quartz 190 Alpha Direct
4028 Anthracite 60
4028 Balsam 60
4028 Black 60
4028 Light Grey 60
4028 Moonlit Ocean 60 Alpha Direct
4028 Navy 60
4048 Spanish Olive 150 Wool seconds
4048 Storm Cloud 150 Wool seconds
Polartec Alpha Direct Insulation
From $20.00 Per Yard $25.00
200 Weight Fleece Lemon Lime
66000 Red Heart Neoshell No Stretch
Angelskin Lemon Creme
Aqua Shell Black
Ballistic Nylon Celery
Bamboo Str Jersey Bubblegum Green Flash Thin Stripe
Chitosante Interlock LW Heather Royal
Coolfab Navy
Delta 6080OR Komodo Green
High Loft 4238 Laser Blue Dots
High Loft 4251 Ginseng
Jade Wool Stretch Woven
Lightweight Scuba White
Midweight Scuba Tri Geo Turquoise
Neoshell no stretch 66002 midnight navy
Neoshell no stretch 66002 Ocean Depth
Pacific Tech Heavyweight Black
Pacific Tech Royal Purple
Polartec Windbloc Lightweight 6627 Wolf Grey
Power Mesh Cyber Blue
Power Shield Lightweight Grey
Power Shield Pro 6631 Dark Forest
Power Shield Pro LW Pinot Noir 6631
Power Shield Pro Midweight Black 6672
Power Shield Pro Ultra Lightweight Loyal Teal
Power Stretch 9407 Hazelnut
Power Stretch 9423 Slate Green Seconds
Power Stretch Fleece Backed Honey Brown
Power Stretch Gold
Power Wool Heavyweight Black
Power Wool HW Navy Seconds
Power Wool HW Ultramarine
Thermal Pro 4230 Regen Green
Thermal Pro Sweater Knit 6324 Heather Black
Wind Pro Stretch Dark Charcoal Seconds
Windbloc MW Greige
Woven Dark Grey Twill
Zen Shell Black
Remnant Fabrics
From $0.00 each $6.00
6170 Blue Textured Cross Dye Thermal Pro
6256 Black Shearling
6256 Cobalt Shearling Thermal pro
6308 Beech Brown Shearling Thermal Pro
6308 Melon Shearling Thermal Pro
6308 Night Owl Navy Shearling Thermal Pro
6308 Root Beer Shearling Thermal Pro
6322 Olive Me Thermal Pro
6324 Heather Black Thermal Pro
9163 Sunrise Flecked Look Thermal Pro
9348 Camel Shearling Thermal Pro
9348 Dark Grey Shearling Thermal Pro
9348 Midnight Shearling Thermal Pro
9348 Neon Pink Shearling Thermal Pro
9349 Demitasse Shearling Thermal Pro
Barracuda 6229 Honeycomb Thermal Pro
Burnt Umber 6316 Thermal Pro
Evergreen 6316 Thermal Pro
Heather Navy 6252
Ink 6316 Thermal Pro
Polartec Thermal Pro Fleeces
From $19.00 Per Yard $27.00
6039 Light Pink Power Dry
6067 Grey Black Back Seconds
6069 Orange Haze LW Power Dry
6071OR Solitude Blue
6072OR Poppy Petals Orange
9049 Bering Sea seconds
9049OR Black
9049OR Oatmeal
9049OR Stone Grey
9051OR Black
9051OR Charcoal
9051OR Coyote
9051OR Surf
Peacock Blue
Whale Tail
Polartec Power Dry Lightweight
From $13.00 Per Yard $20.00
Atomic Lightweight Quick Wick
Fuchsia Lightweight Quick Wick
Navy Lightweight Quick Wick
Red Lightweight Quick Wick
Teal Lightweight Quick Wick
Violet-15 Lightweight Quick Wick
Quick Wick Lightweight
From $15.00 Per Yard $18.00
1302 Black Sherpa Windpro Stretch
1302 Deep Valley Green Sherpa Windpro
1302 Green Grape Sherpa Windpro
2501 Navy FR Windpro
9509 Admiral
9509 Black
9509 Black Seconds
9509 Blue
9509 Cloud Grey Seconds
9509 Coyote Seconds
9509 Coyote Solid
9509 Eggplant
9509 Khaki Seconds
9509 Moonlit Blue
9509 Navy
9509 Sky Blue Seconds
Polartec Windpro Stretch
From $19.00 Per Yard $28.00
Antique Pink
Boysenberry Bamboo Rib
Chili Bamboo Rib
Dusty Mauve Bamboo Rib
Grey Mix Bamboo Rib
Heather Slate
Margarita Pink
Merlot Bamboo Rib
Moss Bamboo Rib
Navy Bamboo Rib
Peacock Bamboo Rib
Plum Bamboo Rib
Raspberry Bamboo Rib
Twilight Bamboo Rib
Bamboo Rib 2x2
From $10.50 Per Yard
66005 Navy
66006 Navy
6628 Larkspur
6628 Petrol
6628 Port Wine
6628 Radish
6628 Rust Red
6676 Acid Green
6676 Hawaiian Sunset
6676 Pebble
6676 Spanish Moss
6676 Terracotta
6680 Brick
6680 Grey
6680 Nailhead Grey
6680 Navy
6681 Red
66831 Black Flyweight Neoshell
66831 Cloudy Day Flyweight Neoshell
66831 Soft Black Flyweight Neoshell
66831 Storm Grey Flyweight Neoshell
66860 Green
66860 Grey
66860 Hi-Vis Orange
66860 Peacoat
66860 Spicy Orange
6723 Black
6723 Dark Sapphire
6723 Fire Engine Red
6727 Orange
6727 Slate
6732 Atmosphere
6732 Falcon Grey
6732 Shark
6753 Claret Neoshell
6753 Clear Blue Neoshell
6753 Clear Blue Same Back
6753 Deep Teal Neoshell
6753 Eclipse Navy
6753 Iron
6753 Petrol Teal Neoshell
6753 Red Sand
6756 Dark Tannin
6756 Zinc
6767 Crevasse
6770 Merlot
6770 Sky Captain Navy
6770 Sulphur
6778 Black
Polartec NeoShell with Stretch / Ease
From $25.00 Per Yard $45.00
6421 Ash Silver Power Stretch
6421 Bubblegum Power Stretch
6421 Mustard Power Stretch
6421 Orange Power Stretch
6421 Poppy Fields Power Stretch
6421 White Chocolate Power Stretch
9401 Cocoa Power Stretch
9405 Black HW Power Stretch Seconds
9405 Woodsmoke HW Power Stretch Seconds
9407 Hazelnut Brown Power Stretch
9411 Turbulence DWR Power Stretch
9423 Avocado Power Stretch
9423 Berry Power Stretch
9423 Dark Olive seconds
9423 Deep Dusty Rose Power Stretch
9423 Deep Teal Power Stretch
9423 Dusty Green Power Stretch
9423 Gold Power Stretch
9423 Grape Leaf seconds
9423 Ice Grey Power Stretch
9423 Navy Power Stretch
9423 Princess Blue Power Stretch
9423 Racing Red Power Stretch
9423 Raisin Power Stretch
9423 Rust Power Stretch
9423 Slate Green Seconds
9423 Sulphur Spring Power Stretch
9425 Dark Royal Power Stretch
9425 Dusty Spruce Seconds
9445 Heather Charcoal Lilac seconds
9737 Twilight Purple Power Stretch
Unknown Dark Denim Navy Power Stretch
Polartec Power Stretch Fleece Backed
From $20.00 Per Yard $28.00
Baked Apple
Black Shattered Glass
Blazing Yellow
Cyber Blue
Fiery Red
Forged Iron
Midnight Navy
Orion Purple
Tri Geo Turquoise
Vivid Coral
White Shattered Glass
Scuba Lightweight
From $14.00 Per Yard $18.00
60026OR Fiery Red Powergrid
6162OR Black Powergrid
6163OR Fiery Red Powergrid
6163OR Lime Punch Powergrid
6163OR Titanium Powergrid
6163OR Wind Chime Powergrid
90047 Alaskan Blue
90047 Blue Aster seconds
90047 Darkest Grey seconds
90047 Fresh Teal
90047 Lightstar Pink
90047 Metric Orange
9068OR Aqua Powergrid
9110M Covert Green seconds
9110OR Antique Brass seconds
9110OR Apple Butter Powergrid
9110OR Brown Seconds
9110OR Coral Seconds Powergrid
9110OR Dark Slate Powergrid
9110OR Hi Vis Yellow
9110OR Limoges Blue
9110OR Rouge Powergrid
9110OR Sky Diver seconds
9127OR Cream Powergrid
9186 Blaze Red Powergrid
9186 Petrol Blue Powergrid
9186 Surf Powergrid
9188 Forge Grey Powergrid
Polartec Power Grid High Warmth
From $15.00 Per Yard $25.00
Black Pique
Chain/Off White Coolfab Jersey
Exotica Coolfab Jersey
Fish Camo/Grey Coolfab Jersey
Flamingo/Yellow Coolfab Jersey
Hexidot/Off White Coolfab Jersey
Hi Tech Grunge Coolfab Jersey
Navy Coolfab Jersey
Off White Coolfab Jersey
Topographic Blue Coolfab Jersey
Wine Glass/White Coolfab Jersey
Yellow CoolFab Jersey
Coolfab Jersey
From $18.00 Per Yard $22.00
6200 Blue Cloud 200 Fleece
6208 Mossy Green 200 Fleece
6208 Red Velvet 200 Fleece
6208 Snowboarders 200
7614 Bamboo
7614 Black 200 Fleece
7614 Eggplant 200 Fleece
7614 Pink Solitaire 200 Fleece
7614 Ultraviolet
8003 Riviera Blue seconds
8200 Medieval Blue seconds
92046 Silver seconds
9240 Sandy Beach 200
9280 Aqua 200
9280 Beet 200
9280 Blue Bird 200
9280 Bright Orange 200
9280 Green 200
9280 Lemon Lime 200
9280 Mustard 200
9280 Natural
9280 Peak Red 200
9280 Raisin 200
9280 Red 200
9280 Sage 200
9280 Sunshine Yellow 200
9280 Very Berry 200
9280 White 200
R9172C Navy White Stripe
Polartec Classic Fleece 200 Weight Double Velour
From $0.00 Per Yard $26.00
Heather Charcoal
Pale Jade
Bamboo Sweater Knit
From $8.00 Per Yard $14.00
Black Yoga Rib
Fig Yoga Rib
Gothic Navy
Heather Charcoal
Heather Chromium
Heather Slate
Midnight Blue Yoga Rib
Pacific Blue
Rust Berry
Violet Shadow
Yoga Rib 2X2
From $15.00 Per Yard
6627 Black
6627 Curry
6627 Dark Royal
6627 Deep Pink
6627 Olive
6627 Snow Leopard
6627 Strawberry
6627 Tomato Black Back
6627 Watercolor Leaves
6627 Wolf Grey
6631 Celeste
6631 Dark Forest
6631 Disco Pink
6631 Dolphin
6631 Dragon Scales Green
6631 Drifter Grey
6631 Mermaid Tail
6631 Pinot Noir
6631 Sulphur Spring
6631 Tangerine
6633 Fuchsia
6633 Melon Tulip
6633 Night Garden Power Shield Pro
6633 Robins Egg
6633 Titanium
6757 Eclipse Navy Windbloc
6757 Iron Windbloc
Bright Blue Grid Back
Polartec Power Shield Pro and Windbloc Lightweight
From $42.00 Per Yard $54.00
1104 Blackberry Seconds MW Power Grid
1104 Raging Sea MW Power Grid
60054 Clean Green MW Power Grid
60054 Orange Scarlet MW Power Grid
60069 Black MW Power Grid
60069 Orange MW Power Grid
60069 Shock Blue MW Power Grid
9076 Bike Gears MW Power Grid
9076 Clean White Power Grid
9076 Minnows MW Power Grid
9076 Triangle Trees MW Power Grid
9077 Mineral Water Seconds
Apple Powergrid
Polartec Power Grid Mid Warmth
From $21.00 Per Yard $25.00
Purple Quick Wick
Red Quick Wick
Quick Wick Midweight
$15.00 Per Yard $22.00
66000 Red Heart Neoshell No Stretch
66001 Graphite
66001 Jadeite Neoshell No Stretch
66002 Antique Rose
66002 Electric Blue
66002 Flag Storm
66002 Lightning
66002 Midnight Navy
66002 Mineral Blue
66002 Ocean Depths
66002 Plum
66002 Poppy
66002 Pretty Blue
66002 Suede
66003 Lime Twist
66004 Charcoal
66004 Pirate Black
66004 Plum Perfect
6625 Rainstorm Black
6754 Blue Green
6754 Mustard
Black Ultralight
Digital Camo
Polartec NeoShell No Stretch
From $0.00 Per Yard $45.00
6750 Claret
Brick Red Grey Back Powershield
Ice Blue Midweight Powershield
Khaki Green Powershield
Lichen Green/Black Back Powershield
Mossy Green/Black Back Powershield
Red/Black Back Powershield
Royal Blue Black Back Powershield
Stone Powershield
Polartec Power Shield Midweight
From $19.50 Per Yard $35.00