Red GORE-TEX Softshell Midweight Fabric
Blue GORE-TEX Softshell Midweight Fabric

GORE-TEX Softshell Midweight

Product description

This is a midweight softshell from GORE-Tex®, specifically, one of their 3-layer Weather Stopper laminates.It is so similar to Polartec® Power Shield that we cannot tell the difference (in case you are looking for another colour).  There is enough stretch to add comfort and a bit of ease to jackets.   

Color: purple gore tex
Size: Yard
$30.00 Per Yard

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Specs & Features

62" wide

7.6 oz/sq yd or 257 gsm (estimate)

2-way stretch: 20% side-to-side


Water repellent

Wind Resistant



Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use bleach, hang to dry

What to Make

Jackets, Vests

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