Melco Seam Seal Tape

Melco Seam Seal Tape

Product description

Melco Seam Seal Tape is an elastic nylon tape backed with a heat-activated adhesive layer used to seam seals in various outdoor garments.  The adhesive provides an extremely secure bond and the stretch of this tape provides excellent stretch recovery should it be used in an application requiring some stretch.  To use, lay tape along the seam and apply heat and pressure to melt and set the adhesive.  Always test before applying to your garment.  You may require a pressing cloth to protect your fabric.  Using a Clover Mini Iron provides better results than a conventional iron as it's small surface area directs the heat to the tape area only.Suitable for use on neoprene, waterproof breathable fabrics, waders, orthopedic supports, kayak spray skirts, lycra body suits and more! Sold by the yard and is subject to shipping charges however, when ordered with other fabrics, it's weight is minimal and will not affect your overall shipping charge. Occasionally, we can send small yardages on their own, via lettermail with stamps and no tracking. If you wish us to do this, send an email outlining what you want, and we'll let you know if it's possible.

sealer seam tap

Color: Black
Size: Each
$5.00 Per Yard

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