Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation
Polartec Alpha Insulation

Polartec Alpha Insulation

Product description

Alpha is Polartec's original "active insulation", developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their uniforms that could regulate body temperature during the starting and stopping of active combat.  More details below the colour swatches!By placing patented low density fibers between air permeable woven layers Polartec created a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity. 

Alpha is intended to be sandwiched in between a water repellent face/shell fabric and a light lining.  You can choose whatever fabrics you like, but we recommend one of the shell fabrics such as those found in our Technical Performance Shells collection.  For a liner, use either a lightweight breathable nylon or polyester or for moisture-wicking, choose Polartec Power Dry or Power Grid.  Both do an amazing job. We sell those too, of course!   There is no limit to the combinations you can use. If you’re looking to make a stand-alone Alpha garment, choose Alpha Direct styles which are more durable.  All Polartec® fabrics are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.  

Color: 4403 White 80 seconds
Size: Yard
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Specs & Features

Style 4403 (White Seconds): 62" wide, 2.6 oz/sqyd | 88 gsm, 4-way stretch: 40% side-to-side just 5% lengthwise (55% Recycled content) **A few minor and sporadic flaws, in particular occasional very small holes approx. 8" from one selvedge edge.

Style 4404 (Caribbean Seconds): 60" wide, 3.7 oz/sqyd | 125 gsm, 4-way stretch: black 40% side-to-side 15% lengthwise, 2-way stretch: caribbean 15% side-to-side only. **Black Seconds has no fluff on the wrong side while Caribbean Seconds does. Black Seconds also has a few holes, sporadic and infrequently spaced throughout the roll.

Style 4408 (Medium Blue Seconds): 62" wide, 2.95 oz/sqyd | 100 gsm, 2-way stretch: 80% side-to-side for Black Seconds and 75% side-to-side for Medium Blue. **Black Seconds and Medium Blue Seconds both look ok, no flaws found.

Style 4409 (Fiery Red Seconds and Mineral Blue): 58" wide, 1.8 oz/sqyd | 61 gsm, 2-way stretch: 30% side-to-side (54% Recycled content). **Fiery Red is off grain and has just a few picks/pulls.

Style 4412 (White Seconds): 62" wide, 1.5 oz/sqyd | 50 gsm, 2-way stretch: 65% side-to-side. **Has a different feel than other styles of Alpha. It's a little stiffer and feels like netting. The knit is a little irregular in places and there are a few dirt marks that will probably wash out.

Style 9717 (Khaki Green Beige Back Quilted): 56" wide, 4.1 oz/sqyd | 139 gsm, No Stretch. Face: Solid Woven Ripstop Nylon with DWR Back: Alpha Insulation

Advanced Breathability

Regulates Warmth

Fast Drying



Highly Durable


100% Polyester

75% Polyester 25% Nylon (Quilted Alpha Style 9717 only) 44% recycled content

Certification: bluesign®, Standard Oeko-Tex 100

Care Instructions

Machine wash warm, normal cycle, use mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softeners, tumble dry low. Do not dry clean.

What to Make

Use as a sandwich insulation in any garment to be worn during activities in colder weather.

Product Video: Polartec Alpha Insulation

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