Polartec Power Shield High Loft

Polartec Power Shield High Loft

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Polartec PowerShield is the original soft shell fabric technology that combined breathable comfort with high performance weather resistance.  This family of  fabric styles has a nylon or polyester face that is water repellent, wind resistant and durable. The interior is finished with an insulating layer of fleece (high loft, classic or micro). This fabric blocks 98% of the wind while allowing some air movement for increased breathability. Power Shield High Loft is our warmest style as the large air pockets created by the extended fleece fibres retain optimal warmth to provide the highest warmth to weight ratios of all of our Power Shield fabrics.

High-Loft is basically a pile (furry) backing that traps air against the body, creating an extra layer of insulation.  It will not keep you warm in -22 degrees...that requires something with insulation (see Polartec® Alpha)

For very cold climates it's a perfect fall fabric, and for milder climates like the west coast of Canada, or the Pacific Northwest (Washington) it's perfect for winter.

BLANCO 96003:
60" wide
13.5 oz/sqyd | 460 gsm
2-way Stretch: 10% side-to-side

CREAM 6632:
56" wide
14.7 oz/sqyd | 500 gsm
No Stretch
**Face has a texture similar to canvas

56" wide
11 oz/sqyd | 373 gsm
2-way stretch: 10% side-to-side

54" wide
9.2 oz/sqyd | 311 gsm (estimate)
No Stretch

54" wide
9.2 oz/sqyd | 311 gsm
4-way Stretch: 10% side-to-side 5% lengthwise

60" wide
9.1 oz/sqyd | 310 gsm
2-way Stretch: 10% side-to-side

PUTTY 9654:
56" wide
9.2 oz/sqyd | 310 gsm
2-way Stretch: 10% side-to-side

60" wide
12.9 oz/sqyd | 440 gsm
2-way Stretch: 10% side-to-side

57" wide
14.16 oz/sqyd | 480 gsm
2-way Stretch: Just 10% side-to-side

Weather Resistant
Highly Breathable
Abrasion Resistance
Permeable Functional Layer
Comfortable Stretch
Versatile Performance

Grey, Grey (Navy Back), Silver Ice: 94% Polyester 6% Spandex

Putty: 78% Polyester 22% Nylon

Hi-Vis Orange: 77% Polyester 23% Nylon

Grey Hi Loft Grey Berber Back, Blanco, Cream, Olive: Polyester Nylon - exact composition unknown

Machine wash cold, normal cycle, use mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softeners, tumble dry low. Do not dry clean.

Jackets, Vests.

Using a Pantone Colour Match card, we get the following matches. PLEASE NOTE: All monitors display colours differently and we do not guarantee that the pantone colour codes given are an exact match for the fabric. Using the Pantone Colour Match Card is a new feature for us and therefore not every fabric has been colour matched. At this time, we have only matched the following colourways:

Blanco = Pantone 13-6106 TCX (an off white with a faint greenish grey tint)

Cream = Pantone 12-4301 TCX

Olive = Pantone 19-0515 TCX

Putty = could not get a match. It's a slightly heathered creamy beige

Silver = Pantone 15-5205 TCX

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