Polypropylene Mask Fabric

polypropylene mask fabric white

Polypropylene Mask Fabric

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PLEASE NOTE: This item qualifies for free shipping,  If you are ordering this with no other fabrics, choose Local Pick Up in the shipping options at check out, no matter where you live. We will mail it to you, our checkout doesn’t allow for a free shipping option so we are improvising.  

Disclaimer: We will cut and ship orders of polypropylene fabric into 1 meter/yard increments for orders where this is the only fabric ordered in order to reduce our shipping costs.

This polypropylene fabric is intended for making filters for your home-made masks.  It's washable, 60" wide, 2 oz/sq meter and does not stretch.  You can breathe through it reasonably well.  It is sold by the yard and will ship free in a letter envelop (no tracking).  We have washed a yard 3x and it washes and dries extremely well with no visible difference to unwashed fabric except that it becomes a little softer.  After washing, the initial smell of the unwashed fabric washed out. 

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