Reflective Trims Tape and Piping

3M reflective tape
Reflective Trim Grab Bag Sample
Reflective Trims Tape and Piping
Reflective Trims Tape and Piping
Black and silver reflective piping
silver narrow reflective piping
Reflective Trims Tape and Piping

Reflective Trims Tape and Piping

Regular price $5.00

We have a few options of reflective trim.

The Reflective Trim Grab Bag:  When you just need a bit of reflective trim and aren't fussy about colour, our Reflective Trim Grab Bag is perfect!  3 yards of trim total made up from 3 different 1 yard pieces from a variety of colours or styles (our choice). Perfect for making removable safety bracelets or lanyards, adding to dog collars, or adding safety features to clothing.  Only $8 total for this 3 yard pack.  To be clear, if you choose 1 grab bag, you will get 3 x 1 yard pieces of our choosing for $8 total.

Reflective Tape or Piping:  For special projects, we also offer 7/8" wide black/silver reflective tape as well as black/silver reflective piping and a slightly narrow plain silver reflective piping by the yard. 

Reflective Trim, Tape and Piping is sold by the yard and is subject to shipping charges however, when ordered with other fabrics, it's weight is minimal and will not affect your overall shipping charge. Occasionally, we can send small yardages on their own, via lettermail with stamps and no tracking. If you wish us to do this, send an email outlining what you want, and we'll let you know if it's possible.

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