Revivex Odor Elim

gear air revivex odor eliminator

Revivex Odor Elim

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Revivex Odor Eliminator is the solution for removing odors from items like wetsuits, tents, active-wear and footwear.  Its biodegradable formula contains water-activated microbes that make short work of removing the odor-causing bacteria caused by sweat, mold, mildew and pets.  It is safe to use on synthetics, neoprene, footwear and gear.

Initially treat and air dry, then repeat if necessary, until the odor is gone.  The item would need to be air dried while initially treating as heat will kill the bacteria eating microbes.  Once the odor is gone, proceed with wearing the item and normal washing/drying. 

 Retreat if the odor reoccurs. 

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