Zen Shell

Zen Shell

Product description

Zen Shell is a high quality, substantive, water-repellent shell with “memory”. This means that when creased, it reverts back to its original smooth finish with no wrinkles! Zen can be used as a jacket shell, as accent for tabs or collars, for children’s “muddy buddy” over-pants, and for many other applications where water repellency and durability are required.


Color: Black
Size: Yard
$19.00 Per Yard

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Specs & Features

58" wide, 4.0 oz/sqyd or 136 gsm

No stretch, Highly water repellent


100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold gentle cycle, use mild detergent, do not use bleach, hang to dry

What to Make

Jackets, vests, or splash pants (or kid's "Muddy Buddy pants").

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