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HyperKewl™ Plus is an evaporative cooling fabric, used as an inner layer, that absorbs water and then controls the release of the water through slow evaporation.  When used in cooling garments such as vests, hats, or neck protectors (to name a few) the wearer will notice the fabric feels 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the ambient temperature, depending on air flow around the garment and relative humidity.  The more air flow, the greater cooling.  In conditions of high humidity (greater than 80%), the cooling effect is reduced. 

HyperKewl™ Plus is used in sport, military, medical, construction, pet and equine garments.  In fact, several country's Olympic athletes used garments with HyperKewl™ in Tokyo.  The brand, Techniche makes several cooling garments with HyperKewl™ Plus (pre-quilted HyperKewl™ fabric) https://www.techniche-intl.com/our-technology/evaporative-cooling/

Hyper Kewl™ Plus should be sandwiched between a breathable outer layer and a waterproof lining.  The breathable fabric allows air flow and water to reach the HyperKewl™ (Hyper Cool, Hypercool) Plus inner layer while the waterproof lining keeps the wearer dry.  To use, simply soak your garment in clean water for 2 minutes and then gently squeeze out the excess water (do not wring).  The garment should provide cooling for 5 - 10 hours, depending on airflow and relative humidity.  This particular fabric is available by the half yard or full yard. 

To learn more about how evaporative cooling works in textiles and apparel, check out our blog article!

60" wide

280 GSM

No Stretch

Easy to use and provides reusable uniform cooling

5 - 10 hours of cooling per soaking

Provides cooling of 10 - 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than surrounding air temperature

Lightweight, non-toxic and durable

Scientifically proven to help with comfort and performance

CE Certified

Celluose fibers, bi-component binders, and absorbent non-toxic polymer fibers

Place in the washing machine at no higher than 60C/140F. No chlorine bleach. Once the cycle is complete, hang the garment to dry (preferably in a dry environment). Do not place in dryer.

Cooling safety vests, cooling athletic vests, cooling comfort vests, bucket or baseball hats, dog cooling coats, horse cooling blankets, construction hat liners or neck protectors.

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