Tenacious Tape Mini Patches

Tenacious Tape Mini Patches

Tenacious Tape Mini Patches

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These mini patches are ideal for instant repairs.  They affix to puffy coats, shell jackets, sleeping bags and tents and will instantly fix rips and tears. The six mini patches come in a lightweight and convenient pocket pack and includes pre-cut patches (1.5” x 2.5”) in clear and black nylon. With no heat required, simply peel and stick for quick, on-the-go repairs.. Package contains 3 black and 3 clear patches (total of 6 patches)

The Details:

Simply remove patch backing and apply to surface with pressure; no sewing skills or heat required

Ultra-strong repair tape permanently bonds to outdoor materials including nylon, vinyl, rubber and plastic

Fabric tape is sealed with a waterproof coating and won’t peel off during a wash or storm

Sticks to almost any surface to repair puffer coats, tents, sleeping bags, and even GORE-TEX fabric

With clear and black patches make nearly invisible repairs to keep gear looking good

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