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Panty Party Surprise Packs - Regular
Panty Party Surprise Packs - Regular

Panty Party Surprise Packs - Regular

Product description

Two packs to choose from!  One pack provides a selection of fabrics suitable for making standard panties while the other pack includes additional fabrics for making incontinence or period panties. 

These packs include 7 different lightweight stretch fabrics suitable for making your own underwear (that's fun to wear!). Fabrics range from technical wicking fabrics to luxurious natural fabrics.  Each piece in this Panty Pack will be min. 12" length.  There will be min 2.5 yds in each surprise box.   If you are ordering one of our panty packs and wish to make some period or incontinence panties, choose the Absorbent pack as it also includes an 8” x 60” strip of Zorb, as well as an 8” x 58” piece of waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate).  If you are looking for longer lengths of the fabrics, please see our Panty Pack Plus by clicking here

The packs are our choice of colors and fabrics. No substitutions or special requests, please.

Each Regular Panty Pack will be just $25 for the non-absorbent pack and $35 for the absorbent pack. (Value of fabrics approx. $35 and $45 respectively) . 

There are a variety of patterns available for period and incontinence underwear, or you can simply use your favorite pattern and insert an inner layer of absorbent fabric in the gusset and use a waterproof layer for the outside of the gusset.

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Color: Absorbent Panty Pack
Size: Each
$35.00 each

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