Primaloft Silver

PrimaLoft Silver 200 gsm insulation
PrimaLoft Silver 100 gsm insulation

Primaloft Silver

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PrimaLoft Silver provides great warmth for its weight.  It has a slightly lower warmth-to-weight ratio than PrimaLoft Gold and for this reason, is sometimes preferred for garments worn during more active pursuits.  It also does a good job of trapping body heat, maintaining breathability, and repelling water providing thermal insulation even when wet.  The fibers in PrimaLoft Silver are a little longer than in the Gold styles and therfore, can be quilted at a greater interval.   PrimaLoft recommends quilting the 100 gsm at an interval of 24 inches. 

PrimaLoft considers their Gold insulation their premium insulation while PrimaLoft Silver is considered to be one step down.  You can see our PrimaLoft Gold insulation here

PrimaLoft provides the following information on how to sew with Primaloft: click here.  

To see the video of Leslie and Martha discussing Prima Loft, click here.


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