PUL - with Stretch

PUL - with Stretch

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"PUL" is an acronym for Polyurethane Laminate fabric. Some say it as "pull" others spell out the letters P-U-L. This popular diapering fabric was initially developed for the medical industry. It is soft, pliable, and waterproof and can withstand high temperatures.  PUL can be used in waterproof diaper covers and as the outer layer in “all-in-one” diapers. Other uses include bibs, art smocks, aprons, training pants, mattress pads, and washable feminine products. It makes excellent bags for carrying wet garments and as a liner for many other types of bags. 

You can also make kids raincoats, although it in not as breathable as a technical shell fabric. 

Sewing with PUL:  Do not use pins unless you are pinning only in the seam allowance. We recommend clips instead.  PUL has both a tacky side and a smooth side.  When sewing the laminate sides together, there should be no drag and no special foot is required. If you are sewing with the laminate side out, you may use a Teflon foot, or add a piece of Scotch Tape to the underside of your foot to reduce drag. You can also have a damp sponge handy and wet it before it enters the foot. Some sewists use a layer of tissue paper on both top and bottom. Use a small gauge ballpoint needle.  Always test a scrap to see if you are happy with the results. Good quality Polyester thread is recommended. If you are looking for an absorbent layer, such as Zorb, click here or for Cotton Sherpa, click here 

Jade, Periwinkle, Purple:
56" wide
4.72 oz/sq yd | 160 gsm
4-way stretch: 35% side-to-side 25% lengthwise
Face: PUL. Back: knit jersey

Amethyst, Cocoa, Flame Scarlet, Light Blue, Orange Popsicle, Soft Lime, Soft Pink, Sunshine Yellow, Turquoise, White
58" wide
4.7 oz/sqyd and 160 gsm
4-way stretch: 30% side-to-side 10% lengthwise
Face: PUL. Back: knit jersey

58" wide
oz/sqyd and 160 gsm
4-way stretch: 20% side-to-side scant 10% lengthwise

100% Nylon Knit and 100% Polyurethane

Wash warm or hot water, up to 122f or 50c, line dry or tumble dry up to medium. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron.

Diaper covers, reusable menstrual pads, mattress protectors, wet bags, reusable incontinence products. To watch Leslie's video on how to sew up a quick mattress-protecting bed pad, please watch the second video.

Using a Pantone Colour Match card, we get the following matches for our PUL. PLEASE NOTE: All monitors display colours differently and we do not guarantee that the pantone colour codes given are an exact match for the fabric. Using the Pantone Colour Match Card is a new feature for us and therefore not every fabric has been colour matched.

Jade = Pantone 16-5924TCX

Periwinkle = Pantone 18-3833TCX

Purple = Pantone 18-3513TCX

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