Quilted Lining

Quilted Lining

Product description

Quilted Lining can be used for apparel as well as  many other  projects. The polyester face is quilted in a 2” diamond design to ¼” Polyfill batting, backed with a thin muslin interfacing. This quilted batting adds a bit of warm to coats and can also be used for cushioning in bags for valuable sporting equipment such as fishing reels, paddles, saddles, musical instruments etc..


Color: Black Quilted Taffeta
Size: Yard
$17.50 Per Yard

Frequently Bought Together


100% Polyester 210T Taffeta

Specs and Features

60" wide

4.4 oz/sq yd | 150 gsm

No stretch 

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, cool iron if necessary.

What to Make

Use as a light warmth lining for jackets or vests or to add cushioning to bags for sports equipment such as fishing reels, paddle bags, and saddle bags or to protect other fragile items such as instruments.  


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