Waxed Cotton Canvas

Waxed Cotton Canvas

Product description

Chera is the signature wax cotton of British Millerian. It is the original oil-cloth that is soft to the touch with a matt, waxy appearance that ages during wear, producing unique garments with increasing character.  

Apparel and accessories made with Chera waxed cotton must be lined using fabric treated with an oil-resistant finish so that the wax does not migrate onto the lining.  Trims should also be treated with an oil-resistant finish.  Do not use with fused interlining/interfacing. The surface of waxed cotton will mark and crease where handled and come off when scraped. These markings are not faults and are a normal, inherent characteristic of the finish. The oily feel of the fabric will also dry during garment fabrication, age and wear, leading to garments with an appearance unique to the individual wearer.

Your waxed cotton will be shipped folded.  Please watch the video for tips and techniques to remove and reduce these folds prior to garment or bag manufacturing.  If you wish to have it sent rolled, we cannot estimate the charge for this until after your piece is cut, rolled and weighed.  Extra shipping charges will apply.

Waxed fabrics cannot be exposed to heat, steam or ironed during garment manufacturing; doing so will lead to fabric discolouration as the wax will be dried by the heat.

Store your waxed cotton fabric and items in breathable bags to avoid excessive moisture accumulation.

The video link is not ours, it's from Fabric Funhouse, but does provide very useful information on working with waxed cotton canvas!  

    Color: Dark Tan Waxed Cotton Canvas
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    Specs & Features

    58" | 148 cm wide

    8 oz/sqyd | 375 gsm

    No Stretch


    100% Cotton

    Care Instructions

    Do not fold. Spot clean only. Do not wash, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, do not iron. Wait for dirt to dry and sponge off with cold water. Apply Millerain wax as needed. Never use soap or detergents.

    What to Make

    Bags, oil-cloth style jackets and coats. Wipe down/clean machine after use.

    Product Video: Waxed Cotton Canvas

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