Jackie's Story

Jackie's Story

Jackie's Story

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8 years ago, Jackie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Jackie is our team member responsible for designing our website and works endlessly to create the best shopping experience possible.  She is married with 2 active teen boys, and has always been the one supporting others. Now it’s our turn to help her. 
Progressive MS is a serious disease with no cure yet. MS has taken a huge toll on Jackie’s ability to walk and function. Her mobility is limited and daily chores are exhausting.  Jackie has participated in a clinical trial that required costly travel and housing. Currently she is undergoing a new procedure that might help her regain some of her balance and walking ability.  But, it’s expensive and limits her from working many hours. 
When you shop our Clearance and Deadstock page, we will set aside a percentage of sales to assist with both current and future care. 

Should you wish to make a small contribution of your own, you can choose an amount and click the button at the bottom of this page. Your gift will go directly towards the fund.

Please do not feel obligated, we simply know many of our customers might want this opportunity to bless another person in our sewing community.

We thank you so much for supporting our business, and our staff. 

Leslie and the team at Discovery Fabrics.

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