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Performance Polartec Classic Fleece, Flame Resistant Fleece, Micro Fleece and Cozy Bamboo Fleece.

Fleece Fabrics

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Antique Pink
Heather Granite
Gothic Violet
Morrocan Blue
Grey Mix
Charcoal Mix
Chocolate Mix
Bamboo Fleece
$19.00 Per Yard
Red Horse
Black Horse
Denim Blue Horse
Glenoit Lightweight Berber Knit
$15.00 Per Yard
MITI Dri-Tech Stretch
$25.00 Per Yard
Buttercream Fleece
Sunshine Yellow Fleece
Baby Plaid Fleece
Hi Vis Yellow Fleece
Royal Blue Fleece
Black Fleece
Polartec ® Classic Fleece 200 Weight Double Velour
$22.00 Per Yard
Advantage Camo
Polartec ® Micro Fleece
$22.00 Per Yard
Light Grey Powerstretch
Red Powerstretch
Stone Powerstretch
Whale Blue Powerstretch
Aqua Powerstretch
Bright Blue Powerstretch
Honey Brown Powerstretch
Hazelnut Brown Powerstretch
Dark Forest Powerstretch
Charcoal Powerstretch
Black Powerstretch
Polartec ® Power Stretch Heavier Weight
$28.00 Per Yard
Red Powerwool
Navy Powerwool
Black Powerwool
Polartec ® Power Wool Heavyweight
$30.00 Per Yard
Cream Powerwool
Shark Powerwool
Deep Cobalt Powerwool
Polartec ® Power Wool Lightweight
$28.00 Per Yard
Powder Blue
Polar White
Polartec ® Power Wool Silkweight
$19.00 Per Yard
Black Thermal Pro
Railroad Blue Thermal Pro
Fuchsia Thermal Pro
Black Brick Pattern Thermal Pro
Zinc Brick Pattern Thermal Pro
Polartec ® Thermal Pro High Loft
$25.00 Per Yard
Petrol Night Heather
Utility Black Heather
Polartec ® Thermal Pro Technical Sweatshirt
$25.00 Per Yard
Coyote Thermal Pro
Turquoise Thermal Pro
Rust Thermal Pro
Polartec ® Thermal Pro Water Repellent Hard Face
$25.00 Per Yard
charcoal windbloc
Polartec ® Windbloc
$30.00 Per Yard
Seclusion Camo
Marpat Digital Camo Windpro
Starfish Print Windpro
Mossy Oak Camo
Cement Treads Windpro
Charcoal Windpro
Polartec ® Windpro
$29.00 Per Yard
Lavender Windpro
Polartec ® Windpro High Loft
$29.00 Per Yard
Stellar Blue Windpro
Black Windpro
Olive Green Windpro
Red Windpro
Pomegranate Windpro
Chocolate Windpro
Hot Pink Windpro
Fuchsia Windpro
Polartec ® Windpro Stretch
$28.00 Per Yard