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We are expanding our offering to include fabrics that are popular for MYOG (Make Your Own Gear).  In this collection, you will find Ballistic Nylon, Cordura, Keprotec and Ripstop Nylon as well as a few others.  This collection will grow, so check back often!


Three backpacks viewed from behind

Gear Fabrics

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Tough Tek Slip Resistant Fabrics
From $8.00 fat quarter
Cord Locks
From $0.50 each
Black and Silver Reflective Piping
Black and Silver Reflective Tape
Reflective Trims Tape and Piping
From $5.00 Per Yard
Shock Cord
$1.50 Per Yard
Royal Blue Ripstop Nylon
Ripstop Nylon
$15.00 Per Yard
Aztec Gold Ballistic Nylon
Celery Ballistic Nylon
Mauve Ballistic Nylon
Tea Leaf Ballistic Nylon
Ballistic Nylon
$22.00 Per Yard
Brass Cordura
Burgundy Cordura
Linen Cordura
Olive Cordura
From $20.00 Per Yard
Emerald Keprotec
Maroon Keprotec
Raspberry Keprotec
$42.00 Per Yard