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Angelskin…the softest activewear fabric this side of Heaven.  This 4-way silky stretch angel skin fabric is complex to describe, because it's light feeling, yet ample weight…just slightly lighter GSM than our Yoga Stretch. It is similar in feel and weight to Lululemon Nulu®. It has a truly luxurious touch. It has a pearl finish and is cool to the touch. We have many shades that are similar to each other.  Many of our Angelskin colourways coordinate nicely with our "Surfer" style Stretch Woven - Water Repellent colourways and these are noted in the labelled photos. This may be handy if you wish to make separates. Made in Germany.

58" wide

7 oz/sq yd | 240 gsm

4-way stretch: 60% side-to-side 80% lengthwise


Quick drying

82% Nylon 18% Lycra

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use bleach, tumble dry low or hang to dry

Warm up jackets, lightweight joggers or leggings, light support sports bras, tanks, t-shirts, kids leggings, skirts and skorts

Lavender = Pantone 7445C

Turquolite = Pantone 4148C

Chambray = Pantone 2157C

Apple Green = Pantone 17-0133TCX

Chartreuse = Pantone 15-0535TCX

Grapefruit = Pantone 14-1031TCX

Orange Burst = Pantone 18-1559TCX

Red Clay = Pantone 19-1759TCX

Orange Red = Pantone 18-1553TCX

Dark Sand = Pantone 17-0619 TCX

Havana Tan = Pantone 12-5201 TCX

Brown = Pantone 19-0814

Shroom = Pantone 13-0002 TCX

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