Cooling Microfiber

Cooling Microfiber
Cooling Microfiber

Cooling Microfiber

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A fabric that keeps you cool! When the temperature rises, this fabric can be wetted to provide instant cooling relief for up to 2 hours! This fabric is used to make cooling towels, hats and vests…even dog coats. The suede-like durable microfiber stays moist longer, which encourages slow evaporation. The evaporating vapour is much cooler than the surrounding air, giving  immediate cooling relief. When it stops cooling, just “snap” or shake to reactivate the molecules and restart the cooling process. Re-wet as necessary!

One yard of fabric can be cut lengthwise into 6 – 10” pieces. Narrowly hemmed, these make a great neck-size towel. Perfect for gifts!

60" wide

5.9 oz/sqyd or 200 gsm

No Stretch

100% Polyester

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softeners! Tumble dry low or hang to dry

Cooling towels, bandanas, hats, vests, or dog coats! We also have a super cooling fabric for long term cooling, which is used inside of specialty cooling garments, you can check that out here: Hyperkewl
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Lavender Cooling Microfiber = Pantone 2453C

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