Polartec Power Wool Mid and Heavyweight

Polartec Power Wool Mid and Heavyweight

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Merino Wool for activewear

Can wool be used to make leggings and hoodies?

The answer is YES! As long as you have sufficient stretch for the pattern you wish to use, Power Wool is a great choice.  Always check the specs and features below. 

There are many advantages to wool. It is warm and lightweight. However as a natural fabric is does not dry as fast as high performance synthetics.  Wool is warm even when wet, but who wants to stay wet? Also, it is not as durable as synthetic fabrics...but Polartec solved these problems when it created Power Wool. 

Polartec Power Wool is a bi-component knit that combines the best features of both natural and synthetic fibers, without blending - a first of its kind!  By placing each distinct fiber where it can work to its highest potential (merino wool against the skin and polyester on the face), Polartec has created a fabric that is soft, odor resistant, and durable.

Wool fibers offer increased base comfort by retaining insulation and breathability even when wet. Their absorbent nature pulls moisture vapor away from your skin, transferring it to the outer synthetic layer where it expands and evaporates more quickly. This mechanical wicking action allows Polartec Power Wool to keep moisture in motion at all times, so you stay dryer and warmer. 

Mid Weight Power Wool Style 9469 features a smooth face with a soft velour fleece back. It looks very similar to Power Stretch styles that feature a fleece back. It is the heaviest version of Power Wool that we currently offer.  

 We have one color (Asphalt Grey) of Midweight Power Wool 9469 on SALE on the Clearance Page for just $19 y

If you are looking for a lighter weight of Power Wool for base or mid layers, consider Polartec Power Wool Lightweight Styles. It makes terrific crew neck pullovers or hoodies. The degree of merino on the back is what determines the classification. 

For lightest Power Wool garments such as tights, long johns, shirts etc. you may wish to try Polartec Silkweight styles. 



STYLE 9469
58" wide
6.8oz/sq yd or 231 gsm
4-way stretch: 60% side-to-side 80% lengthwise

Black has a few wrinkles that steam out easily.

STYLE 6427
57" wide
8.5 oz/sqyd or 288 gsm
4-way stretch: 60% side-to-side 50% lengthwise
NOTE!! This style is a compression JERSEY with a twill back. It does not have a fleece wrong side like style 9469

Certifications: Standard 100 by OEKO-TEK®
Bi-component Knit
Merino Wool Interior
Advanced Synthetic Exterior
Naturally Odor Resistant
Great Shape Retention
Highly Breathable
Moisture Wicking

STYLE 9469: 47% Wool 42% Nylon 11% Spandex

STYLE 6427: 53% Nylon 25% Spandex 22% Wool

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use bleach, hang to dry. Power Wool may shrink up to 5%.

Jackets, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Sweat Pants or Leggings, Hats, Mitts

Using a Pantone Colour Match card, we get the following matches for our heavyweight Power Wool. PLEASE NOTE: All monitors display colours differently and we do not guarantee that the pantone colour codes given are an exact match for the fabric. Using the Pantone Colour Match Card is a new feature for us and therefore not every fabric has been colour matched.

Ultramarine = Pantone 19-4128 TCX

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