Scissors and Snips

Scissors and Snips
Scissors and Snips
Scissors and Snips
Scissors and Snips

Scissors and Snips

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Tailor Scissors and Snips

Tailor Scissors  (Back in Stock Soon!)

We tested many scissors, including some of the best known pricey brands.  We found a supplier of high quality tailor scissors that are less expensive, and in our opinion as good if not better than the expensive brands.  Our Tailor Scissors are black handled with manganese steel blades.  They are very sharp and maintain their blade for a long time. We have been testing them in our store for over a year and are very pleased!

One of our staff members who is a professional tailor purchased her best scissors for several hundred dollars, and she prefers these ones to her own! 

We offer Tailor Scissors in 3 sizes:





Handy Snips  (Back in Stock Soon!)

Handy Snips are your best friend for clipping threads or when you need precision small cuts.  Many of these types of snips look alike, but not all snips are made with quality materials, so it can be hard to compare. You'll find cheaper ones as well as more expensive ones, but ours are the best we have ever tried.

Our Handy Snips blades are made with SK5 Steel, which is a Japanese steel for knives and tools.  It holds its sharp edge for a long time.  It contains Manganese, which increases the hardness.  

Length: 10.5cm
Blade Length:3.7cm
Handle Length:6.8cm
Blade Material: SK5 Steel
Handle Material: Iron


Sqizzors are very fine tip, super sharp, straight blade thread snippers. Perfect for quick trims and repairs; simply squeeze and cut. The ergonomic handle has a spring-action return to reduce hand fatigue. Includes protective cap and lanyard hole for storage.  Approximate measurement is 18″ (10.5 cm).  *Colour may not be exactly as shown*


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