Polypropylene Tracing Cloth

polypropylene mask fabric white
Polypropylene Tracing Cloth
Polypropylene Tracing Cloth
Polypropylene Tracing Cloth

Polypropylene Tracing Cloth

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Pattern Tracing Fabric

What is Pattern Tracing Cloth?

When you purchase a paper pattern, it is sometimes necessary to blend sizes, in which case you may want to trace out your pattern on a separate paper or cloth, so that your master pattern remains intact.

Our tracing cloth is a lightweight but strong non-fusible, nonwoven interfacing that is designed for use in pattern drafting and tracing. It can be used for altering, duplicating, and tracing patterns.  

You may have have purchased an online PDF pattern that requires making a copy to place on the fabric. Tracing cloth is the preferred way to make your pattern copy.  While some people choose to use paper, it can rip easily and is not easy to store without permanent wrinkles.  You can see through the tracing cloth so it is easy to copy on top of master patterns. It can be used hundreds of times, and is a great way to keep patterns you know you'll use again. 

Why is Tracing Cloth better than Paper?

We love using polypropylene tracing fabric, for many reasons, and its not just for pattern making. 

  • First, it is soft and can actually be used for fitting your garment. You can even baste it together to ensure your garment will fit!  
  • It often will stick to fabrics such as fleece without pinning
  • It folds and stores easily in envelopes
  • It can be ironed with a cool iron
  • Durable, so a perfect way to keep a favorite pattern to reuse
  • Does not rip easily, especially compared to Pattern Paper.
  • Comes in 60" width, so more economical than many other brands of tracing fabric.
  • Can also be used as a sew-in stabilizer for bag making or hats

The Story Behind Polypropylene Tracing Cloth

During the Covid-19 Crisis, 65 GSM Polypropylene was recommended for making filters for masks.   We were making masks in the early days, and realized that the cloth we were using for filters was less expensive and better than the tracing cloth we had been purchasing for pattern making.  Interestingly enough, the polypro (let's shorten the name, shall we?) was manufactured for the furniture industry. If you open up the back of a sofa, you'll often find polypro as the layer under your upholstery.  But, supplies were difficult to come by during the crisis, and while most medical suppliers were unable to meet the need, we sourced our polypro from suppliers to the furniture industry. They had the weight recommended for mask making, but not many people realized the source.

The heavier 65 GSM style was the original polypro we stocked. It's washable, 60" wide, 2 oz/sq meter and does not stretch.  Once mask-making ended, we were able to source a slightly lighter version so you have a choice for tracing...and its still 60" wide. The lighter version is 52 GSM.  If you do not see it in the drop down menu, it could be temporarily out of stock. 

You will find other brands of tracing cloth much narrower, and therefore less economical in the long run.

Pattern Tracing Cloth is fairly lightweight, but must still be sent by package mail. We recommend adding it to your regular fabric order so that the cost to ship is minimal. 

common misspellings: polypro polyp 

60" wide
Lighter weight = 52 gsm | 1.53 oz/sqyd
Heavier weight = 65 gsm | 1.92 oz/sqyd
No Stretch

100% Polypropylene

Both weights are ideal fabrics for tracing cloth.

The heavier weight option was used for face mask filter fabric during the pandemic and can also be used on the underside of upholstery.

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