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Yoga Lining
Yoga Lining
Yoga Lining

Yoga Lining

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Best lining fabric for knits. 

Does my garment require lining? 

Lining garments is an option when you wish to have additional coverage for either modesty reasons or simply to make the garment hang nicer. 

When using a stretch knit fabric, lining must also be stretchy or it will inhibit movement. When making athletic wear, or for lining garments that will be worn in warm weather it is important to choose a stretch lining that will breathe and wick away moisture. Natural fabrics hold moisture and therefore take longer to dry.  So, the best option for comfort is a fast-dry moisture wicking lining.  

What is a good lining for knits?

Yoga lining is a soft, fast drying lightweight knit that is perfect for lining sportwear and other knit garments. It can also be used for undergarments.  It makes lovely panties, and many people like to make "chub rub" shorts to wear under dresses and skirts, to avoid chaffing of the thighs. 

We have 2 styles of Yoga Lining; one a little lighter than the other.  Both are breathable with great stretch, shape recovery and moisture-wicking capability.  Yoga Lining is very soft against your skin and will help keep you comfortable and supported!  

If you are making swimwear and wish to have it lined, we recommend chlorine resistant Swim Lining

For more support in both athletic garments (bras, leggings or waistbands) as well as swimwear, we recommend Power Mesh

Yoga Lining (Black, Beige) - 60" wide, 245 gsm, 4-way stretch: 70% side-to-side 70% lengthwise - breathable, quick drying, Certification: bluesign®

Lighter Yoga Lining (White) - 56" side, 3.8 oz/sqyd | 130 gsm, 4-way stretch: 70% side-to-side 55% lengthwise - breathable, quick drying.

Yoga Lining - 85% Polyester 15% Spandex - Black, Beige

Lighter Yoga Lining - 73% Polyester 27% Lycra - White

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use chlorine bleach, hang to dry

Use as lining for sports bras and/or tanks, costumes, light coloured bottoms or use to make base layers such as underwear and camisoles.

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