Zipper Sliders For Use With Coil Nylon Zipper Chain Yardage

Zipper Sliders For Use With Coil Nylon Zipper Chain Yardage

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These YKK pulls match our coil nylon zipper chain (zipper tape) yardage.

If you are purchasing our waterproof zipper chain by the yard, please purchase the slider noted for this particular use! 

See individual slider descriptions below.

Please note: Not all pull styles are available in all coil sizes..

Black Straight Pull (Size 5 Locking) For Waterproof Coil Zipper Yardage - Works with Waterproof zipper tape only, Use for Jackets/Vests/Pockets

Black Double Sided Pull Slider- Works with Regular or Waterproof Zipper tape, Use for Bags, Sleeping Bags, Gear Applications.

Black Slider Will Hang Sideways (4.5 size locking) - Works with Regular tape, use for applications like pockets where a side hanging pull is desirable.

Black Reverse Install Straight Pull (Size 3 Locking) - Works with Regular tape where it is sewn in backwards to create a thin or lower profile (less visible) zipper look. Reverse sliders allow the zipper tape to be installed with the back side (lower profile) facing out.  

Black Straight Pull ( 3 & 5 size Locking)- Works with Regular tape, A standard straight zipper pull.


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