Interfacing - Fusible

black lightweight knit tricot fusible interfacing
midweight grey non woven fusible interfacing
lightweight white knit tricot fusible interfacing
Interfacing - Fusible
Interfacing - Fusible

Interfacing - Fusible

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Interfacings are called for when structure or durability at stress points is desired. We don’t claim to be experts on the subject, in fact many of our garments, especially outerwear, are made without interfacing.  We determine need based on the fabric.  Interfacing can be useful in obtaining professional results or better function, for example to add extra body in a collar or strength to a button or snap placket.

All the interfacings we carry are fusible. We strongly urge you to test on scraps before ironing any fabric!  We do not guarantee that any fabric will respond well to heat…you must test it.  Ensure the fusible side is facing the wrong side of the fabric, and always use a pressing cloth.

The stretch tricot lining is best for knits but can also be used on lightweight wovens.  Be sure to keep the interfacing on grain so garments hang properly.  Non-Woven interfacing (our grey midweight) is best for crafts or slightly heavier applications, such as adding strength to a non-stretch placket. Non-woven can be used in any direction, it does not have a grain.  Weft Insertion interfacing is a soft, knitted, fusible interfacing ideal for jackets and coats and has a line of stabilizing weft thread for stability. It provides structure in tailored garments while maintaining the drape and feel of fabrics. Used for speed tailoring.Many stores sell interfacing that is much narrower in width, around 20" or so. Our interfacing is 59" or 60" wide.

Lightweight White and Black Tricot Knit: 60" wide

White and Black Weft Insertion: 59" wide

Midweight Grey Non Woven: 60" wide


Lightweight White and Black Tricot Knit 4-way stretch: 25% both directions

White and Black Weft Insertion & Midweight Grey Non Woven: No stretch


Machine wash up to 40*C. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Lightweight White or Black Tricot Knit is best for using with stretch knits, particularly when your pattern calls for a facing. Also good for adding structure to a collar or cuff.

White and Black Weft Insertion is an ideal interfacing for jackets, coats, and non-stretch waistbands. It has a line of thread for stability.

Grey Non Woven is perfect for craft projects, home decor, placemats, bags and non-stretch waistbands

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