Polartec Alpha Direct Insulation

Polartec Alpha Direct Insulation

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What is Alpha Direct fabric?

Alpha Direct is an ultralight insulation fabric, but so much more.

If you are new to Alpha Direct, you'll find most of your questions answered in our Blog series Threads of Wisdom.  Well worth a read! 

Polartec Alpha Direct is an evolution of the original Alpha insulation that eliminates the need for a backing fabric.  Alpha Direct can be worn directly against the skin or other fabric layers.  This increases the breathability, reduces the overall garment weight and allows for greater creativity in terms of styling. Alpha was originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces when they required a more advanced insulating material in their uniforms that could regulate body temperature during the starting and stopping of active combat. This latest advancement in adaptable breathability helps eliminate the need of shedding or adding layers while on the move. Alpha is also hydrophobic, so it won't absorb moisture even if you start to sweat.

By placing patented low-density fibers between air permeable woven layers Polartec® created a more efficient fabric for regulating warmth and transferring moisture. This advancement increases thermal adaptability in changing conditions and different phases of physical activity. 

Can I use Alpha Direct on its own?

Alpha Direct can be used as an insulation/lining or can be made into a stand-alone garment. It makes a great mid layer for wearing under a waterproof shell such as Neoshell. While Alpha Direct is slightly more durable than Alpha, both can be used as liners or stand alone garments. All Polartec® fabrics are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

One style of Alpha that we carry has been pre-quilted to a water repellent nylon.  Even though that is not a "direct" style, I've made fantastic vests with it. 


How Do I Wash Alpha Direct? 

We recommend washing in warm water, and hanging to dry. You will notice some shedding of the fabric initially, so its a good idea to use a washing bag such as Guppyfriend...or make your own!  Power Mesh is a stretchy mesh used for lining compressive garments but it is very versatile. You can make a garment washing bag for very little. Check out the Terrain Green color which is on sale on the Clearance and Deadstock page! 

STYLE 4028 (see colour swatches for available colourways):

58" wide
2.0 oz/sqyd | 68 gsm
stretch: 30% side-to-side 10% lengthwise
78% Recycled content

STYLE 4004 (see colour swatches for available colourways):

59" wide
2.5 oz/sqyd | 85 gsm
4-way stretch: 20% side-to-side 15% lengthwise
78% Recycled content


Dark Blue and Dark Shadow veer slightly off grain at one selvedge.

STYLE 4008 (see colour swatches for available colourways) *Radiance Blue Seconds - Sold to us as second quality, but we have not yet seen any visible flaws. However pricing reflects the classification.*

62" wide
3.54 oz/sqyd | 120 gsm
4-way stretch: 10% both side to side and lengthwise.
63% Recycled content

STYLE 4024 (see colour swatches for available colourways)

60" wide
5.5 oz/sqyd | 186 gsm
4-way stretch: 20% side-to-side 10% lengthwise
54% recycled content

STYLE 4048 (see colour swatches for available colourways):

58" wide
4.5 oz/sqyd | 153 gsm
4-way stretch: about 25% side-to-side 20% lengthwise


Advanced Breathability

Regulates Warmth

Fast Drying



Highly Durable

100% Polyester *all styles EXCEPT 4048

Style 4048: 63% Polyester 33% Wool 4% Nylon

Additional certification: bluesign®

Machine wash warm, normal cycle, use mild detergent, do not use bleach or fabric softeners, tumble dry low. Do not dry clean.

Use as insulation in any garment to be worn during activities in colder weather.

Flamingo = Pantone 7637C

Blaze = could not get a good match, it's a carrot orange

Twilight = Pantone 19-4120tcx

Moonlit Ocean = Pantone 19-4021tcx

Medieval Blue = Pantone 19-3933tcx

Castor Grey = Pantone 18-0510tcx

Slate = Pantone 18-4005tcx

Teak = Pantone 19-0617

Serenity = Pantone 15-3919

Eggplant = Pantone 19-2118 TCX

Grey = Pantone 18-0000 TCX

Spanish Olive = Pantone 16-0526 TCX

Blue Quartz = Pantone 19-3964 TCX

Light Grey 4028 = Pantone 14-4102 TCX

Anthracite 4028 = Pantone 19-4007 TCX

Balsam 4028 = Pantone 19-5004 TCX (a very grey green)

Navy 4028 = Pantone 19-4021 TCX (more navy blue than Moonlit Ocean)

Moonlit Ocean 4028 = Pantone 19-4122 TCX

Hawaiian Surf 4004 = Pantone 18-4538 TCX

Coyote 4004 = Pantone 19-0622

Olive Grey 4004 = Pantone 14-6308 TCX

Grey 4004 = Pantone 16-5101 TCX

Golden Hour 4024 = Pantone 15-1150 TCX

Garnet Red 4028 = Pantone 19-1655 TCX

Goji Berry 4028 = Pantone 18-1659 TCX

Heather Purple 4004 = Pantone 16-3812 TCX

Phantom Purple 4004 = Pantone 19-3712 TCX

Cloud Pink 4004 = Pantone 16-3304 TCX

Limestone 4004 = Pantone 13-0540 TCX

Charcoal 4004 = Pantone 19-3916 TCX

Rosso Red 4004 = Pantone 19-1763 TCX

Dark Blue 4004 = Pantone 19-4020 TCX

Dawn 4004 = Pantone 18-1561 TCX

Azzurro Blue 4004 = Pantone 18-4221 TCX

LIght Grey 4004 = Pantone Cool Grey 4C

Blush 4004 = Pantone 13-1208 TCX

Vintage Indigo 4004 = Pantone 19-3929 TCX

Dark Shadow 4004 = Pantone 19-0406 TCX

Seafoam 4004 = Pantone 15-5210 TCX

Storm Blue 4004 = Pantone 17-4716 TCX

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