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Arctic Tech

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What is Arctic Tech®?


Arctic Tech® is a water repellent, durable Cotton/Poly outerwear fabric used by a famous brand to make extreme warmth down-filled coats.  The Arctic Tech fabric itself does not provide the warmth that very cold weather requires.  That must come from an insulating layer, such as down, PrimalLoft®, etc.  

How water repellent is Arctic Tech?

Arctic Tech provides enough water repellency to repel snow or light rain.  That is why it's a great choice for a durable outer layer in climates that have cold dry winters. 

If you live in a very rainy climate, you'll want to consider a waterproof breathable shell for the best protection.  For that, we recommend Polartec Neoshell.  Neither Arctic Tech nor Neoshell provide significant warmth on their own. They are meant for a protective wind repellent layer.   If you would like to learn more about layering for warmth, we have written a blog that explains this in detail.  

What is Arctic Tech made with?

The following is how Canada Goose describes this fabric:  

Arctic Tech® is an iconic heritage textile crafted from a blend of 83% Polyester and 17% Cotton. Containing cotton, a natural fibre, the fabric will develop a patina and build character over time. Dry to the touch, this durable fabric with a water-repellent finish will keep you protected wherever adventure takes you.

What can you make with Arctic Tech? 

  • Anorak Jackets (unlined or lined)
  • Warm winter coat, when combined with sufficient insulation
  • Bags
  • Work pants
  • Hats

62" wide
5.4 oz/sqyd | 183 gsm
No Stretch

83% Polyester and 17% Cotton

Machine wash gentle cycle/low temperature with mild detergent or tech wash such as Revivex Pro Cleaner or dry clean. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Hang to dry.

Anorak Jackets (unlined or lined), Warm winter coat, when combined with sufficient insulation, Bags, Work pants, and Hats

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