No-Slip Slipper Pack

No-Slip Slipper Pack

No-Slip Slipper Pack

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Everything You Need to Make No-Slip Slippers

Making Slippers

Slippers are essential for staying warm. Our easy to make No-Slip Slipper pattern is so fast to sew up, you'll be making them for the whole family.  In case you don't have remnants of the required fabrics to make warm and durable slippers, we have you covered! 

What's in the No-Slip Slipper Pack?

We have put together this pack to make your slipper project easy and affordable.  While we reserve the right to change contents as our inventory dictates, we will always offer the following at a minimum.

  • Min. 1/2 y of warm fleece.  Example: Polartec Thermal Pro Fleece
  • Min. 6 1/2" x 18" strip of durable gripping fabric to make non-slip strips for slipper bottom
  • Min 100" of FOE (Fold Over Elastic)

What does the pack NOT include?

The pack does not include the pattern, because many people will have already purchased it separately.  Here's a link to the No-Slip Slipper Pattern

Great Value! 

Regular retail value of this pack contents is over $23.  Our Kit price is just $16.00

The kit will make a minimum of 2 pair of No-Slip Slippers. This is calculated by laying out the largest size.  If you are making small slippers you will likely get even more!


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