Stretch Woven Fabrics

Stretch Woven Fabrics

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Stretch Woven Fabrics

This page features a large selection of different styles of Stretch Woven fabrics.  Each style can be dramatically different from the other, which is why its important to consider what you will be using it for before choosing the style.

Can I Use a Stretch Woven Fabric When Woven is Called For?

Some of the Stretch Woven styles have a small amount of stretch.  Using these will not impact on the fit of the garment, other to add a bit of comfort.  It is important to check the SPECS and FEATURES tab below to see the degree of stretch for each style.  Those with significant stretch may cause the garment to be larger if it calls for ordinary woven fabrics, in which case you may need to make a smaller size. 

What is DWR?

Many styles have water-repellent finish (DWR means Durable Water Repellent). Water Repellent finishes are desirable especially when you are using them for outdoor adventures.  They are also good for travel clothes, because the finish can also repel stains, so less washing!  

Styles with a water repellent finish tend to stay cleaner as they resist spills, making the clothing well suited for travel.  The DWR finished styles remain breathable and comfortable even under active conditions.

When you click on the color icon each fabric will have DWR in the color name if it is water repellent.  It is also listed in the SPECS and FEATURES tab below.

Watch our Stretch Woven Fabrics video! 

Our Styles of Stretch Woven:


A nice midweight stretch woven with a DWR finish, smooth face, and textured back.  Great for spring and fall hiking pants or shorts, mountain biking pants or shorts, golf wear, indoor wear.


Durepel stretch woven is a lightweight style with nice drape that is smooth on both sides and a DWR finish.  Great for summer running shorts or other applications needing a lightweight flowy stretch woven.


A Nike fabric used to make football and other athletic bottoms requiring durability and stretch with a DWR finish.  Great for hiking or mountain biking wear or for making durable work pants or kid's play pants. 


A smooth and drapey stretch woven fabric style with a DWR finish.  Great for summer pants, shorts, skorts and skirts.  Microfiber Stretch Woven is a similar weight to the Surfer Styles, and can be combined in the same garment. 


These are Schoeller branded stretch wovens with a DWR finish.  Each colourway may be a unique style.  Check the Specs and Features and Content tabs for details.


Our lightest stretch woven with a DWR finish.  As the name suggests, it boasts a UPF rating of 50+.  The dark colourways may be used for lightweight pants, short and skirts/skorts.   Sun Pro is a lovely light weight, perfect for sun protective long-sleeve travel shirts. 


A nice light stretch woven with a DWR finish that makes great board shorts, shorts, pants, skirts and skorts.  There are some fun prints, perfect for making wrap travel skirts such as those made by a famous brand you may have seen! 


A midweight durable style similar to the Nike Dri Fit styles.  Features a DWR finish and makes great pants and shorts.  

 Non-Stretch Woven Fabrics

If you're looking for non-stretch rugged woven fabrics such as cotton or poly-cotton twill we have those as well. 

Some Wicking Stretch Woven Fabrics can be found in our Clearance and Deadstock page. 


Durepel Stretch Taffeta Ultraviolet & Red - 56" wide, 100 gsm, 4-way stretch: 20% side-to-side 10% lengthwise

Sunpro: 50+ UPF Antrazit, Beach Bums, Euro, Herons, Ladybugs, Pins, Purest White (a blue white), White (matches the backgound in the prints) - 60" wide, 3.8 oz/sqyd | 130 gsm, 4-way stretch: 20% in both directions.

Microfiber Stretch Woven: Khaki, Red- 58" wide, 5 oz/sqyd or 170 gsm, 4-way stretch: 20% both directions

Surfer: Charcoal, Coral, Navy, Neon Lime, Turquoise, Boards, Hippy Garden, Montera, Paisley Pinks, - 58" wide, 5.4 oz/sqyd | 185 gsm, 4-way stretch: 10% both directions.

Adventure: Charcoal, Gargoyle Grey, Navy, Olive Green or Tan Stretch Woven - 55" wide, 213 gsm | 6.3 oz/sqyd, 4-way stretch: 20% side-to-side 40% lengthwise

Dusty Gold Nike - 62" wide, 4-way stretch 40% side-to-side 20% lengthwise

Red Schoeller - 54" wide, 4-way stretch 30% both directions

Rose Schoeller - 54" wide, 5.6 oz/sqyd | 190 gsm, 25% both directions

Tangerine Schoeller - 53" wide, 6.5 oz/sqyd | 220 gsm, 4-way stretch: 10% side-to-side

5.9 oz / 200 gsm Nike's (Tweave)

Team Maroon - 52" wide, 4-way stretch: 40% side-to-side 20% lengthwise

Team Gold - 52" wide, 4-way stretch 15% side-to-side 10% lengthwise

Tweave Pine - 48" wide, 4-way stretch: 40% side-to-side 25% lengthwise

Tweave Purple - 52" wide, 4-way stretch: 40% side-to-side 30% lengthwise

Tweave Toffee - 62" wide, 6 oz/sqyd | 210 gsm, 4-way stretch: 40% side-to-side 25% lengthwise

7.1 oz / 240 gsm Nike's (Tweave)

Purple - 50" Wide, 4-way stretch 15% both directions

All Fabrics

Water repellent



High level of comfort

Great Shape Recovery

Listed from lightest to heaviest in weight:

Durepel Stretch Taffeta: Ultraviolet and Red - 98% Polyester 2% Spandex

Sunpro: 50+UPF Antrazit, Beach Bums, Euro, Herons, Ladybugs, Pins, Purest White (a blue white), White (matches the white background of the prints)- 88% Polyester. 12% Spandex

Microfiber Stretch Woven: Khaki, Red - 90% Polyester. 10% Spandex

Surfer: Black, Charcoal, Coral, Navy, Neon Lime, Turquoise, Hippy Garden, Monstera, Surf Boards, Paisley Pinks - 94% Polyester 6% Spandex

Adventure: Charcoal, Gargoyle Grey, Navy, Olive Green or Tan Adventure Stretch Woven - 90% Nylon 10% spandex (Certification: Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Dusty Gold (stretchier) 5.9 oz (lighter) Nike Storm Fit Stretch Twill - 85% Polyester 15% Lycra

Red Schoeller Dynamic Stretch - 88% Nylon 12%) Lycra (Certification: bluesign®)

Rose Schoeller - unknown but likely around 88% Nylon 12% Spandex (Certification: bluesign®)

Tangerine Schoeller - unknown but likely around 88% Nylon 12% Spandex (Certification: bluesign®)

Team Gold 5.9oz Nike Storm Fit Stretch Twill- 85% Polyester 15% Lycra

Team Maroon - 5.9 oz (lighter) Nike Storm Fit Stretch Twill - 88% Nylon 12% Lycra

Tweave Pine, Purple and Toffee - 91% Nylon 9% Spandex

Purple 7.1 oz (heavier) Nike Storm Fit Stretch Twill - 88% Nylon 12% Polyester

Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, do not use bleach, tumble dry low or hang to dry

Lightweight Travel or Hiking Pants, Mountain Bike Shorts, Golf and Running Shorts = Microfiber Stretch Woven, Durepel Stretch Taffeta or Surfer Stretch Woven

Boardshorts = Surfer Stretch Woven, Microfiber Stretch Woven or Durepel Stretch Taffeta

Midweight Travel, Hiking, Workwear, Mountain Bike or Golf Shorts/Pants = Nike Fabrics, Adventure Stretch Woven, Schoeller Stretch Wovens, Nike Lighter (Tweaves) Stretch Wovens

Beefiest Hiking, Work or Mountain Bike Shorts/Pants - Heavier Nike Storm Fit Stretch Woven

Travel or Sun Shirts, Dresses, Cover Ups - Sunpro Stretch Woven

Khaki Microfiber = Pantone 2326C

Red Microfiber = Pantone 7621C

Dusty Gold = Pantone 4525C

Team Gold = Pantone 4004C

Red Schoeller = Pantone 7628C

Ultraviolet Durepel = Pantone 2119C

Red Durepel = Pantone 7427C

Purple Storm Fit = Pantone 3524C

Team Maroon = Pantone 4102C

Charcoal = Pantone 426C

Pine Tweave = Pantone 19-6050 TCX

Toffee Tweave = Pantone 18-0516 TCX

Purple Tweave = Pantone 19-3838 TCX

Adventure Tan = Pantone 18-1108 TCX

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