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Water Repellent Softshell Fabric

These fabrics are the 'offspring' of traditional hard shell outer layers and the soft fleecy mid layers.  Frequently, softshells have an outer fabric that is a little softer and stretchier than a true hard shell that is laminated to a soft inner fabric.  In some cases, there may be a microporous membrane between the two layers, but it's not a requirement. 

Soft shells are generally considered to be highly water repellent, but aren't quite at the standard of water proof.  They can vary in 'warmth' depending on what style of inner fabric is used.  Inner fabrics can range from a smooth brushed jersey through to a high loft fleece.  Softshells are ideal jacket or pant fabrics for shoulder seasons or for winter in temperate climates.


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6750 Claret
Brick Red Grey Back Powershield
Canadian Green/Black Back Powershield
Cream Powershield
Ice Blue Midweight Powershield
Khaki Green Powershield
Kiwi Black Back Seconds
Lichen Green/Black Back Powershield
Mossy Green/Black Back Powershield
Red/Black Back Powershield
Royal Blue Black Back Powershield
Stone Powershield
Polartec Power Shield Midweight
From $19.50 Per Yard $35.00
6607 Arctic Navy
6607 Orange Haze
6624 Blue Glass Windbloc
6624 Dark Robin Windbloc
6624 Morning Glory Windbloc
6624 Navy Veteran Windbloc
6624 Tangerine Windbloc
6624 Wolf Cub Windbloc
6626 Granite Grey Windbloc
6626 Greige Windbloc
6626 Malbec Windbloc
6672 Black
6743 Black
Black Grey Back Windbloc
Bright Aqua
Bright Yellow
Maroon/Black Back
Rossi Pink/Silver Back
Polartec Power Shield Pro & Windbloc Midweight
From $21.00 Per Yard $42.00
Pacific Tech Beige
Pacific Tech Charcoal Flannel
Pacific Tech Charcoal Linen
Pacific Tech Fuchsia Black Back
Pacific Tech Moroccan Black Back
Pacific Tech Plum Black Back
Pacific Tech Red
Pacific Tech Royal Purple
Pacific Tech Softshell Mid Warmth
From $20.00 Per Yard $30.00
Beige Hi Loft Sherpa Back
Grey Hi Loft Grey Berber Back
Grey Hi Loft Navy Back
High Vis Orange Hi Loft
Silver Ice Hi Loft
Soft Sage Hi Loft
Polartec Power Shield High Loft
$35.00 Per Yard
6726 Wine Tasting
Black Grey Back
Burnt Orange Powershield
Cream Powershield
Eggplant Powershield
Grey Lightweight Powershield
Ice Blue Powershield
Jade Sheen Powershield
Marpat Digital Camo Powershield
Mossy Lime Powershield
Navy Powershield
Polartec Power Shield Lightweight
$35.00 Per Yard
Hi Vis Orange
Hi Vis Yellow
Polartec Flame Resistant Power Shield Dual Hazard
$35.00 Per Yard
purple gore tex
Red Gore Tex
GORE-TEX Softshell Midweight
$30.00 Per Yard
Periwinkle Blue Grid Back
Polartec Power Shield O2 Midweight
$38.00 Per Yard