Discovery Fabrics Technical Performance Waterproof Breathable Fabric Collection Polartec Neoshell and Powershield


The following fabrics are considered Technical Performance Shells (sometimes referred to as "Hard Shells").  They are manufactured using cutting edge technology to create top of the line waterproof breathable fabrics.  Some styles are 3-layer shells such as Polartec's Neoshell while other styles are 2-layer shells, such as HyVent.  Three-layer shells are laminated fabrics comprised of an outer fabric, a waterproof breathable membrane and an inner fabric while 2-layer shells have only the outer fabric and the membrane.  It's the membrane's specifications that determine how waterproof and breathable the fabric is. 

Many of these fabrics are used by high-end brands such as Arcteryx, Patagonia, North Face and Nike.  If you are looking for a fabric to make a highly waterproof and breathable shell for your outdoor pursuits, you are in the right place!  These fabrics can also be used as the outer layer of an insulated jacket and we carry Polartec Alpha, Alpha Direct and Power Fill insulations.

If you are looking for something a little less technical, have a look at our Water Repellent Shells Non Technical fabric collection.  To watch Leslie's video explaining the features and uses of many of our non-technical and technical shells, click here:

Technical Performance Shells

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Acid Green 6676
Atmosphere 6732
Black 6627
Black 66831
Black 66860
Black 6723
Black 6753
Black 6778
Brick 6680
Clear Blue 6753
Crevasse 6767
Curry 6627
Dark Royal 6627
Dark Sapphire 6723
Dark Tannin 6756
Deep Teal 6753
Eclipse Navy 6753
Falcon Grey 6732
Fire Engine Red 6723
Green 66860
Grey 6680
Grey 66860
Hi-Vis Orange 66860
Iron 6753
Larkspur 6628
Merlot 6770
Navy 66005
Navy 66006
Navy 6680
Olive 6627
Orange 6727
Peacoat 66860
Petrol 6628
Petrol Teal 6753
Port Wine 6628
Radish 6628
Red 6681
Red Sand 6753
Royal Blue 6680
Rust Red 6628
Shark 6732
Sky Captain Navy 6770
Slate 6727
Soft Black 66831
Spicy Orange 66860
Storm Grey 66831
Strawberry 6627
Terracotta 6676
Tomato Black Back 6627
Vendor Black 6756
Wolf Grey 6627
Zinc 6756
Polartec NeoShell with Stretch / Ease
$45.00 Per Yard
Black Ultralight
Charcoal 66004
Cream 66002
Digital Camo
Electric Blue 66002
Flag Storm 66002
Graphite 66001
Lightning 66002
Ocean Depths 66002
Pirate Black 66004
Plum Perfect 66004
Rainstorm Black 6625
Polartec NeoShell No Stretch
From $20.00 Per Yard $45.00
Black Grid Back
Bosphorus Teal 6631
Bright Blue Grid Back
Celeste 6631
Cobalt 6631
Disco Pink 6631
Dragon Scales Green 6631
Drifter Grey 6631
Light Grey/ Black Grid Back
Mermaid Tail 6631
Pinot Noir 6631
Tangerine 6631
Polartec Power Shield Pro Lightweight
$42.00 Per Yard
Hyvent Gold
Navy Hyvent
Sky Blue Hyvent
HyVent DT
$25.00 Per Yard
Beluga Charcoal 6617
Loyal Teal 6617
Polartec Power Shield Pro Ultra Lightweight
$35.00 Per Yard
Fir Green
Navy Nike Waterproof Breathable Shell
Pacific Purple
Regent Red
River Teal
Nike Waterproof Breathable Shells
$30.00 Per Yard
Desert Orange Aluminum Back Shell
Maroon Aluminum Back Shell
Pro Green Aluminum Back Shell
Aluminum Back Shell
$25.00 Per Yard