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Cozy Comfortable Fabrics Polartec Fleece, Bamboo and Rib
Cozy comfortable fabrics to snuggle up in. Soft knit rib, Bamboo Terry, Classic Fleece and more. Quality performance fabrics from brands like Polartec to make your perfect project.  

Cozy and Comfortable

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Boysenberry Bamboo Fleece
Charcoal Mix
Chocolate Mix
Dusty Mauve
Gothic Violet
Grey Mix
Heather Granite
Ivory Bamboo Fleece
Merlot Bamboo Fleece
Natural Bamboo Fleece
Papaya Bamboo Fleece
Peacock Bamboo Fleece
Raspberry Bamboo Fleece
Rust Bamboo Fleece
Twilight Bamboo Fleece
Bamboo Fleece
$22.00 Per Yard
Antique Pink
Boysenberry Bamboo Rib
Chili Bamboo Rib
Dusty Mauve Bamboo Rib
Grey Mix Bamboo Rib
Heather Slate
Margarita Pink
Merlot Bamboo Rib
Moss Bamboo Rib
Navy Bamboo Rib
Peacock Bamboo Rib
Plum Bamboo Rib
Raspberry Bamboo Rib
Twilight Bamboo Rib
Bamboo Rib 2x2
From $10.50 Per Yard $15.00
Heather Charcoal
Pale Jade
Bamboo Sweater Knit
From $8.00 Per Yard $14.00
Bali Hai
Berry Stain
Black White Stripe
Boysenberry Bamboo Terry
Chocolate Mix
Gothic Violet
Grey Mix Bamboo Terry
Heather Cement
Heather Charcoal
Heather Chromium Bamboo Terry
Heather Slate
Light Pink Bamboo Terry
Merlot Bamboo Terry
Mid Heather Grey
Midnight Navy
papaya bamboo terry
Peacock Bamboo Terry
Plum Bamboo Terry
Raspberry Bamboo Terry
Smokey Rose
Sweet Pea
Twilight Bamboo Terry
Bamboo Terry
From $21.00 Per Yard
Breathe Brushed
$21.00 Per Yard
Ash Grey
French Terry Midweight Sweatshirt
$18.00 Per Yard
Black Horse
Denim Blue Horse
Red Horse
Glenoit Lightweight Berber Knit
$15.00 Per Yard
Red Dri Tech
MITI Dri-Tech Stretch
$25.00 Per Yard
Black Modal Sweater Knit
Boysenberry Modal Sweater Knit
Cornflower Blue Modal Sweater
Dark Coffee Modal Sweater Knit
Emerald Modal Sweater Knit
Flight Blue Modal Sweater Knit
Ivy Modal Sweater Knit
Moroccan Modal Sweater Knit
Oxblood Modal Sweater Knit
Peacock Modal Sweater Knit
Purple Pansy Modal Sweater Knit
Steel Modal Sweater Knit
Modal Sweater Knit
$21.00 Per Yard
4004 Cantaloupe 90 Alpha Direct
4004 Eggplant 90 seconds
4004 Inferno 90 seconds
4004 Lime Punch 90 Alpha Direct
4004 Shroom 90 seconds
4004 White 90 Alpha Direct
4008 Black 120 Alpha Direct
4008 Pumpkin 120 Alpha Direct
4008 Sand 120 seconds
4008 Serenity 120 Alpha Direct
4024 Blue Quartz 190 Alpha Direct
4048 Spanish Olive 150 Wool seconds
4048 Storm Cloud 150 Wool seconds
Polartec Alpha Direct Insulation
From $19.00 Per Yard $25.00
Polartec Aqua Shell
$30.00 Per Yard
6200 Blue Cloud 200 Fleece
6208 Mossy Green 200 Fleece
6208 Red Velvet 200 Fleece
6208 Snowboarders 200
7614 Black 200 Fleece
7614 Eggplant 200 Fleece
7614 Pink Solitaire 200 Fleece
8003 Riviera Blue seconds
8200 Medieval Blue seconds
92046 Silver seconds
9240 Sandy Beach 200
9280 Aqua 200
9280 Beet 200
9280 Blue Bird 200
9280 Bright Orange 200
9280 Green 200
9280 Indigo Blue 200
9280 Lemon Lime 200
9280 Mustard 200
9280 Peak Red 200
9280 Raisin 200
9280 Red 200
9280 Sage 200
9280 Stone 200
9280 Sunshine Yellow 200
9280 Very Berry 200
9280 White 200
R9172C Navy White Stripe
Polartec Classic Fleece 200 Weight Double Velour
From $16.00 Per Yard $26.00
7330 Black Seconds
White 300
Polartec Classic Fleece 300 Weight Fleece
$14.00 Per Yard $28.00
Coyote Brown
Midnight FR 2400
Polartec Flame Resistant Midweight Power Grid
$25.00 Per Yard
3781 Blue Grey Raschel Knit seconds
4060 Khaki seconds
4101 Ketchup Heather seconds
4102 Black seconds
4102 Estate Blue seconds
4102 Sage Green seconds
4105 Black
4105 Dark Navy
4108 Black Grid seconds
4108 Sun Poppy seconds
4116 Black Bricks
4206 Brown seconds
4206 Silver seconds
4208 Sky Diver seconds
4221 Dragonfly seconds
4221 Mushroom seconds
4223 Gothic Violet seconds
4223 Midnight Grey seconds
4223 Teal Green seconds
4224 Covert Green seconds
4224 Forest Night seconds
4224 Gothic Violet seconds
4230 Driftwood
4230 Hyssop Purple
4230 Moroccan
4230 Navy
4230 Peacock
4230 Raw Linen
4230 Regen Green
4230 Royal
4230 Silver
4230 Windsor Wine
4238 Black Dots seconds
4238 Laser Blue Dots
4241 Chai seconds
4251 Geranium seconds
4251 Ginseng seconds
4251 Stellar Blue seconds
4304 Black seconds
Polartec High Loft
From $19.00 Per Yard $25.00
6125 Peak Purple Micro Fleece
7366 Molten Red Micro Fleece
9129 Black White Buffalo Plaid Microfleece
9129 White Microfleece
9177 Black seconds
9178 Aegean seconds
9178 Dusty Grape seconds
9178 Navy seconds
Polartec Microfleece
From $12.00 Per Yard $21.00
1709 Cream
1710 Blue Wing Teal Seconds
1710 Bronze seconds
1710 Curry seconds
1710 Malbec
1721 Sedona Sage Power Air
4512 Black Power Air Seconds
Heather Charcoal
Polartec Power Air
From $15.00 Per Yard $30.00
6057 Blue Green Waves HW Power Dry
6057 Dino Camo HW Power Dry
6057 Geo Jewel HW Power Dry
6057 Hearts HW Power Dry
6057 High Tech Grunge HW Power Dry
6057 Peace Out HW Power Dry
Black Heather Heavyweight Powerdry
Hyper Blue Heather Heavyweight Powerdry
Polartec Power Dry Heavyweight
From $24.00 Per Yard
60026OR Fiery Red Powergrid
6162OR Black Powergrid
6163OR Fiery Red Powergrid
6163OR Lime Punch Powergrid
6163OR Titanium Powergrid
6163OR Wind Chime Powergrid
90047 Alaskan Blue
90047 Blue Aster seconds
90047 Darkest Grey seconds
90047 Fresh Teal
90047 Lightstar Pink
90047 Metric Orange
9068OR Aqua Powergrid
9110M Covert Green seconds
9110OR Antique Brass seconds
9110OR Apple Butter Powergrid
9110OR Brown Seconds
9110OR Coral Seconds Powergrid
9110OR Dark Slate Powergrid
9110OR Hi Vis Yellow
9110OR Limoges Blue
9110OR Rouge Powergrid
9110OR Sky Diver seconds
9127OR Cream Powergrid
9186 Blaze Red Powergrid
9186 Petrol Blue Powergrid
9186 Surf Powergrid
9188 Forge Grey Powergrid
Polartec Power Grid High Warmth
$25.00 Per Yard