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Primaloft Gold

Product description

PrimaLoft Gold offers the highest warmth to weight ratio of all PrimaLoft styles of insulation.  This batting style of insulation features microfibers that trap body heat, maintain breathability, and repel water providing thermal insulation even when wet.  The short microfibers in PrimaLoft Gold make it the softest and most packable style of PrimaLoft.  These short fibers require quilting for long term stability as well as a down-proof lining and outer fabric.  PrimaLoft recommends quilting the 100 gsm an interval of 6 inches. 

We stock PrimaLoft Gold in 100 gsm. PrimaLoft does not offer temperature ratings for their insulations as there are too many factors outside of the insulation itself, that can affect the warmth of a garment.

Fabric is 60" wide.

Primaloft provides the following information on how to sew with Primaloft, click here.

To see the video of Leslie and Martha discussing Prima Loft, click here.


Color: White 100
Size: Yard
$22.00 Per Yard

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Product Video: Primaloft Gold

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