Cozy comfortable fabrics to snuggle up in. Soft knit rib, Bamboo Terry, Classic Fleece and more. Quality performance fabrics from brands like Polartec to make your perfect project.  

Cozy and Comfortable

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Berry Stain
Black White Stripe
Gothic Violet
Grey Mix Bamboo Terry
Heather Cement
Heather Charcoal
Heather Chromium Bamboo Terry
Heather Slate
Mid Heather Grey
Midnight Navy
papaya bamboo terry
Peacock Bamboo Terry
Plum Bamboo Terry
Raspberry Bamboo Terry
Smokey Rose
Sweet Pea
Bamboo Terry
From $19.00 Per Yard
Alloy 9348 Shearling Thermal Pro
Barracuda 6229 Honeycomb Thermal Pro
Beech Brown 6308 Shearling Thermal Pro
Black 6229 Honeycomb Thermal Pro
Black Brick Pattern Thermal Pro
Burnt Umber 6316 Thermal Pro
Cobalt 6256 Shearling Thermal pro
Crimson 6322 Thermal Pro
Evergreen 6316 Thermal Pro
Heather Black 6324 Thermal Pro
Heather Navy 6252
Ink 6316 Thermal Pro
Laser Blue Dot Pattern 4238
Night Owl Navy 6308 Shearling Thermal Pro
Oatmeal 6256 Shearling Thermal pro
Polar 9348 Shearling Thermal Pro
Purple 4230 Thermal Pro
Raw Linen 4230 Thermal Pro
Red 6308 Shearling Thermal Pro
Rust 6243 Textured Overdye
Silver 4230 Thermal Pro
Southern Seas 6229 Honeycomb Thermal Pro
Tan 6322 Thermal Pro
Vjosa Green 4230 Thermal Pro
Polartec Thermal Pro Fleeces
From $25.00 Per Yard
Eiffel Tower Powerwool
Rouge Powerwool
Polartec Power Wool Mid and Heavyweight
$30.00 Per Yard
Heather Aubergine
Heather Charcoal
Pale Jade
Bamboo Sweater Knit
From $8.00 Per Yard
Black Yoga Rib
Fig Yoga Rib
Gothic Navy
Heather Charcoal
Heather Chromium
Heather Slate
Midnight Blue Yoga Rib
Night Jade
Pacific Blue
Rust Berry
Violet Shadow
Yoga Rib 2X2
$18.00 Per Yard
Antique Burgundy Powerstretch
Ash Silver Powerstretch
Avocado Powerstretch
Black Powerstretch
Bubblegum Powerstretch
Charcoal Powerstretch
Dark Forest Powerstretch
Dark Grey Powerstretch
Deep Seaglass Green Powerstretch
Dusty Green Powerstretch
Gold Powerstretch
Hazelnut Brown Powerstretch
Honey Brown Powerstretch
Light Grey Powerstretch
Mineral Water Powerstretch
Navy Powerstretch
Orange Powerstretch
Poppy Fields Powerstretch
Princess Blue Powerstretch
Racing Red Powerstretch
Steel Blue Powerstretch
White Chocolate Powerstretch
Polartec Power Stretch Fleece Backed
$28.00 Per Yard
Aqua 200
Azul Blue 200
Beet 200
Black 200
Blue Bird 200
Charcoal Heather 200
Green 200
Indigo Blue 200
Lemon Lime 200
Postal Navy 200
Raisin 200
Red 200
Sage 200
Stone 200
Sunshine Yellow Fleece
Very Berry 200
White 200
Polartec Classic Fleece 200 Weight Double Velour
$24.00 Per Yard
Red Dri Tech
MITI Dri-Tech Stretch
$25.00 Per Yard
Cowboy Blue Heather
Rver Grey 6746
Utility Black Heather
Polartec Thermal Pro Technical Sweatshirt
$25.00 Per Yard
White 300
Polartec Classic Fleece 300 Weight Fleece
$20.00 Per Yard $28.00
black rugged rib
Blue Water Rugged Rib
Burgundy Rugged Rib
Purple Rugged Rib
Red Rugged Rib
Royal Blue Rugged Rib
White Rugged Rib
Rugged Rib
From $15.00 Per Yard
Black Modal Sweater Knit
Boysenberry Modal Sweater Knit
Dark Coffee Modal Sweater Knit
Emerald Modal Sweater Knit
Flight Blue Modal Sweater Knit
Ivy Modal Sweater Knit
Moroccan Modal Sweater Knit
Oxblood Modal Sweater Knit
Peacock Modal Sweater Knit
Steel Modal Sweater Knit
Modal Sweater Knit
$21.00 Per Yard
Black Micro Fleece
Polartec Classic Fleece 100 Weight Velour/Fleece
$22.00 Per Yard
Black Lightweight 1411
Black Lightweight 9471 Power Stretch
Black Lightweight 9472 Power Stretch
Dress Blues Lightweight 9471
Ebony Lightweight 9471
Royal Lightweight 9471
Tan Lightweight 1411
Polartec Power Stretch Jersey
From $23.00 Per Yard
Coyote Thermal Pro
Rust Thermal Pro
Polartec Thermal Pro Water Repellent Hard Face
$25.00 Per Yard
Black Horse
Denim Blue Horse
Red Horse
Glenoit Lightweight Berber Knit
$15.00 Per Yard