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Outerwear Outer Layer Water Repellent Water Proof Wind Repellent Fabrics

The Outer Layer / Shells  (Protection from Rain, Wind and Snow)

The outer layer is your final shield against what nature is throwing at you.  It should protect you from rain, wind and snow.  Often, the outer layer is made from an uninsulated shell fabric as your insulation is taken care of with the middle layer(s).  In days of old, this is where the layering system could break down due to shell jackets that didn’t allow moisture and warm air to escape.  Thanks to the innovation of fabric technology, we now have a range of waterproof/water repellent breathable fabrics that can breathe, block wind and rain keeping the wearer far more comfortable than ever before, even during high output activities. 

Outer Layer Fabrics

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1302 Black Sherpa Windpro Stretch
1302 Deep Valley Green Sherpa Windpro
1302 Green Grape Sherpa Windpro
2501 Navy FR Windpro
9509 Admiral
9509 Black
9509 Black Seconds
9509 Blue
9509 Cloud Grey Seconds
9509 Coyote Seconds
9509 Coyote Solid
9509 Eggplant
9509 Khaki Seconds
9509 Moonlit Blue
9509 Navy
9509 Sky Blue Seconds
Polartec Windpro Stretch
From $19.00 Per Yard $28.00
66005 Navy
66006 Navy
6628 Larkspur
6628 Petrol
6628 Port Wine
6628 Radish
6628 Rust Red
6676 Acid Green
6676 Hawaiian Sunset
6676 Pebble
6676 Spanish Moss
6676 Terracotta
6680 Brick
6680 Grey
6680 Nailhead Grey
6680 Navy
6681 Red
66831 Black Flyweight Neoshell
66831 Cloudy Day Flyweight Neoshell
66831 Soft Black Flyweight Neoshell
66831 Storm Grey Flyweight Neoshell
66860 Green
66860 Grey
66860 Hi-Vis Orange
66860 Peacoat
66860 Spicy Orange
6723 Black
6723 Dark Sapphire
6723 Fire Engine Red
6727 Orange
6727 Slate
6732 Atmosphere
6732 Falcon Grey
6732 Shark
6753 Claret Neoshell
6753 Clear Blue Neoshell
6753 Clear Blue Same Back
6753 Deep Teal Neoshell
6753 Eclipse Navy
6753 Iron
6753 Petrol Teal Neoshell
6753 Red Sand
6756 Dark Tannin
6756 Zinc
6767 Crevasse
6770 Merlot
6770 Sky Captain Navy
6770 Sulphur
6778 Black
Polartec NeoShell with Stretch / Ease
From $25.00 Per Yard $45.00
6627 Black
6627 Curry
6627 Dark Royal
6627 Deep Pink
6627 Olive
6627 Snow Leopard
6627 Strawberry
6627 Tomato Black Back
6627 Watercolor Leaves
6627 Wolf Grey
6631 Celeste
6631 Dark Forest
6631 Disco Pink
6631 Dolphin
6631 Dragon Scales Green
6631 Drifter Grey
6631 Mermaid Tail
6631 Pinot Noir
6631 Sulphur Spring
6631 Tangerine
6633 Fuchsia
6633 Melon Tulip
6633 Night Garden Power Shield Pro
6633 Robins Egg
6633 Titanium
6757 Eclipse Navy Windbloc
6757 Iron Windbloc
Bright Blue Grid Back
Polartec Power Shield Pro and Windbloc Lightweight
From $42.00 Per Yard $54.00
66000 Red Heart Neoshell No Stretch
66001 Graphite
66001 Jadeite Neoshell No Stretch
66002 Antique Rose
66002 Electric Blue
66002 Flag Storm
66002 Lightning
66002 Midnight Navy
66002 Mineral Blue
66002 Ocean Depths
66002 Plum
66002 Poppy
66002 Pretty Blue
66002 Suede
66003 Lime Twist
66004 Charcoal
66004 Pirate Black
66004 Plum Perfect
6625 Rainstorm Black
6754 Blue Green
6754 Mustard
Black Ultralight
Digital Camo
Polartec NeoShell No Stretch
From $0.00 Per Yard $45.00
6750 Claret
Brick Red Grey Back Powershield
Ice Blue Midweight Powershield
Khaki Green Powershield
Lichen Green/Black Back Powershield
Mossy Green/Black Back Powershield
Red/Black Back Powershield
Royal Blue Black Back Powershield
Stone Powershield
Polartec Power Shield Midweight
From $19.50 Per Yard $35.00
6607 Arctic Navy
6607 Orange Haze
6624 Blue Glass Windbloc
6624 Dark Robin Windbloc
6624 Morning Glory Windbloc
6624 Navy Veteran Windbloc
6624 Tangerine Windbloc
6624 Wolf Cub Windbloc
6626 Granite Grey Windbloc
6626 Greige Windbloc
6626 Malbec Windbloc
6672 Black
6672 Dark Red Navy
6672 Porpoise
6743 Black
Black Grey Back Windbloc
Bright Aqua
Bright Yellow
Maroon/Black Back
Rossi Pink/Silver Back
Polartec Power Shield Pro & Windbloc Midweight
From $21.00 Per Yard $42.00
Antique Gold Wool Stretch Woven
Bright Flamingo Twill Wool Stretch Woven
Cameo Pink Wool Stretch Woven
Golden Brown Wool Stretch Woven
Huckleberry Twill Wool Stretch Woven
Huckleberry Wool Stretch Woven
Jade Wool Stretch Woven
Mint Julep Twill Wool Stretch Woven
Orchid Wool Stretch Woven
Peacock Wool Stretch Woven
Plum Wool Stretch Woven
Red Wool Stretch Woven
Tea Rose Wool Stretch Woven
True Navy Wool Stretch Woven
Turquoise Twill Wool Stretch Woven
Ultra Violet Wool Stretch Woven
Wool Stretch Woven
$32.00 Per Yard $39.00
Windy Day
Aerospace Tek
From $15.00 Per Yard $20.00
Chevron Reflective
Reflective Athletic Stretch
$28.00 Per Yard
Pacific Tech Beige
Pacific Tech Charcoal Flannel
Pacific Tech Charcoal Linen
Pacific Tech Fuchsia Black Back
Pacific Tech Moroccan Black Back
Pacific Tech Plum Black Back
Pacific Tech Red
Pacific Tech Royal Purple
Pacific Tech Sapphire Black Back
Pacific Tech Softshell Mid Warmth
From $20.00 Per Yard $30.00
Beige Hi Loft Sherpa Back
Grey Hi Loft Grey Berber Back
Grey Hi Loft Navy Back
High Vis Orange Hi Loft
Silver Ice Hi Loft
Polartec Power Shield High Loft
$35.00 Per Yard
9501 Black Seconds
Marpat Digital Camo Windpro
Mossy Oak Camo
Polartec Windpro
From $19.00 Per Yard $29.00
Fir Green
Navy Nike Waterproof Breathable Shell
Regent Red
Smoke Pine
Storm Blue
Nike Waterproof Breathable Shells
$30.00 Per Yard
Hyvent Gold
Sky Blue Hyvent
HyVent DT
$25.00 Per Yard
6726 Real Teal
6726 Wine Tasting
Black Grey Back
Burnt Orange Powershield
Cream Powershield
Eggplant Powershield
Grey Lightweight Powershield
Ice Blue Powershield
Jade Sheen Powershield
Marpat Digital Camo Powershield
Mossy Lime Powershield
Navy Powershield
Polartec Power Shield Lightweight
From $35.00 Per Yard $49.00
Beluga Charcoal 6617
Loyal Teal 6617
Polartec Power Shield Pro Ultra Lightweight
$35.00 Per Yard
Sonora Quilted
From $24.00 Per Yard $28.00
90016 Olive Camo Seconds
Coyote Thermal Pro
Rust Thermal Pro
Polartec Thermal Pro Water Repellent Hard Face
From $18.00 Per Yard $22.00
Desert Orange Aluminum Back Shell
Maroon Aluminum Back Shell
Pro Green Aluminum Back Shell
Aluminum Back Shell
$25.00 Per Yard