Nautilus Chlorine Proof Swim

Nautilus Chlorine Proof Swim

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Chlorine Proof Swim Fabric

Nautilus - our newest Chlorine Proof, Sun-protective and fade-resistant fabric for swimwear!  Custom prints are limited edition!

Prints $36  Solids $29

What is the Best Swim Fabric?

Great Question!  For fabric to be suited to making swimwear, it must obviously have sufficient stretch. But, not all stretch fabrics are best for swim.

The best swim fabric needs the following 

  • Sun Protection - Minimum 50 UPF which blocks 98% of harmful UV rays
  • Resistant to oil and lotion - these can break down most lycra
  • Contain Chlorine-Proof stretch fibers.  Ordinary Lycra and Spandex break down quickly
  • Sufficient compression for retaining shape and providing support
  • Resistant to degradation from the elements

Nautilus Chlorine-Proof Swim Fabric

Nautilus was the clear winner after much testing against other brands.  While we loved the feel of many other fabrics (including the Chlorine-resistant fabric we are currently clearing out) we found they were simply not as good as Nautilus.  They were not as fade-resistant, nor could they claim many of the other features Nautilus offers. 

If you are looking for high quality, sun-protective swim fabric that will hold its shape and provide long-lasting use, you are in the right place!

If you are looking for a sale on Swim Fabric, check out our Chlorine-Resistant Swim while stock lasts! 

NOTE: Nautilus has great compression, and slightly less stretch than many other styles.  See specs to ensure the fabric stretch is sufficient for your pattern choice. 

Nautilus is made with 78% Recycled Polyester and 22% XLANCE® Elastomer.  Campared to spandex and lycra, XLANCE® ourperforms in every way.  It shows no tendency to shed microfibers even after exposure to the elements or aging, and considerably less than other stretch fibers during machine washing.


For other items you may require for your swim suit sewing, we recommend

Swim Lining

Power Mesh

Swim Elastic (Rubber)





Width 58/59" 147-249 cm
Weight 205 gsm
Stretch 50% side to side, 60% lengthwise

78% Recycled Polyester, 22% XLANCE Elastomer

Wash Warm, Machine or Hang to Dry

Swimwear, Cycling shorts

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